ZTE-Blade-Z-Max-Display-840x472Smartphone manufacturer ZTE released a statement saying that it would be releasing its 5G smartphone either in the late 2018 or early 2019. The manufacturer is currently focused on 5g network and chipsets. If they’re able to release it by the time they’ve promised, they would be the first company to roll out a 5g Smartphone.

The company might have have been able to build a very strong presence during CES 2k18, but the CEO of ZTE’s US branch, Lixin Cheng, did catch a lot of attention by announcing that they’ll launch a 5g smartphone early next year.

Cheng, in an interview with the Bloomberg, confirmed that the company would be launching this device either in late 2018, or early 2019. It depends wildly on the availability of 5g networks and the chipset which are required. Although AT&T and Verizon have announced that they’ll roll out the 5g network by the end of this year, but there is still no availability of the 5g network.

Sprint also claimed that it is planning to commercialize 5g services by late 2019. It is also planning to reach 5g via deploying 2.5 GHz massive mini radios which would be upgradable to 5G, sometime around in 2018.

Then comes T-mobile, which is looking forward to deploying 5G network by 2020. In terms of 5G networking, it sure does put the company behind the race. Thereby, it is safe to say that all this is going to affect ZTE’s plans. The company is aiming for Qualcomm, which is going to develop chipsets that fully take advantage of upcoming technology.

Another roadblock that the company might face is the recently proposed bill that banned ZTE and Huawei services in the united states. Despite the bill being in the early stages, and still pending to navigate through the US government, there is still chance that it gets into action.

It is clear that these obstacles have not held ZTE from launching wireless technologies for home, or 5g capable tablet.

Regardless of whether it is allowed to sell in the US or not, the company would be first to launch a 5G smartphone. Other manufacturers are also preparing for the 5G playground as Samsung has collaborated with Verizon in order to deploy 5g Internet in specific California homes and the other hand Apple is working with Intel to bring 5G networking in future models of iphones.

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