We all are waiting for Xiaomi to launch the MIUI 9 ROM for their lineup of Android devices. The current MIUI 8 ROM is really fast, responsive, user-friendly and customizable, thus making the MIUI 8 one of the best ROM available for Android devices out there. And we cannot wait to see what Xiaomi is building on with the upcoming MIUI 9 custom user interface.

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Xiaomi miui 9

If you are one among the MIUI fans who are eagerly waiting for the MIUI 9 release, then today we are here with a detailed article that features details on the MIUI 9 release date, the features of MIUI 9 and a list of devices that will receive an update to the MIUI 9 when launched.

MIUI 9 Features:

So, if you are interested to know more on the expected features of MIUI 9, then below are some of the key MIUI 9 features:

  • Better RAM Optimization and Reduced Battery Consumption: As the MIUI 9 version is expected to be based on the Android 70 Nougat operating system, better RAM management and reduced battery consumption are two of the features that will surely make it to the MIUI version 9. Which means that devices running on the MIUI v9.0 will run faster than other devices and also will have better battery backup as well.
  • Support for Multi-Window Feature: The Multi-Window feature on Android allows you to run two application windows simultaneously on your device. This is a feature that is now a part of all Android devices and we expect Multi-Window support to be one of the best features of MIUI 9.
  • Dual Space: The Dual Space feature of the MIUI 9 will allow you to manage multiple accounts within your Xiaomi device, similar to the way we have multiple accounts on our desktops. In this manner, people can opt to carry around one single Xiaomi device running MIUI 9 for both office and personal use, instead of carrying around two different devices.
  • Reply to Notifications: Within the MIUI version 9, you will have the ability to reply to each individual notification without needing to launch the specific application. This will ensure that you do not miss any notification that you receive.
  • Improved Doze Mode: The Doze Mode is one of the best MIUI 9 features. Once the Doze Mode is toggled ON, all the idle applications that run in the background will be killed, thus reducing battery consumption and freeing up more RAM for other applications.

By the launch of the MIUI 9, which is expected to happen within just a few weeks, Xiaomi will bring in a set of awesome features that will make the MIUI 9 better than its previous version, the MIUI 8, and pretty much than any other custom user interface out there.

MIUI 9 Release Date:

Latest report on MIUI 9 suggests that the upcoming MIUI 9 is under development and the beta version of the user interface will be soon available for the public. We are expecting the public launch of the MIUI 9 version to happen across all the supported Xiaomi hardware by the end of May 2017 or early June 2017.

List of Devices Eligible to Update to MIUI 9:

  1. Mi 5.
  2. Mi 4.
  3. Mi 4i.
  4. Mi Max.
  5. Redmi Note 3.
  6. Xiaomi Mi Note.
  7. Xiaomi Mi 3.
  8. Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime.

Final Words:

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