Razer is the dream brand for gamers and the Razer Phone launched back in November 2017 is exactly what gamers would want out of a gaming-oriented Android Smartphone.

From its chunky design to its super-awesome display with 120Hz refresh rate and great sounding speakers, not to forget its Snapdragon 835 + 8GB RAM hardware combo, everything had left gamers drooling for the device.

The gaming-oriented Android Smartphone market is very niche right now with Razer phone. Even though there are devices with high-end hardware specs and other features out there, Smartphones designed entirely on how gamers would like them is not a thing as of now.

However, this is expected to change soon, really soon, thanks to Xiaomi.


A new verified page has now appeared on Chinese site Weibo for a phone manufacturer named “Black Shark” in which Xiaomi-backed “Tianjin Venus Investment” firm owns about 22% share.

Black Shark is expected to be the gaming phone brand from Xiaomi, similar to what Alienware is to Dell and ROG is to Asus in the laptop market.

What indicates Black Shark to be a gaming phone manufacturer is details from a website of the Chinese government, which details that the first Smartphone from the Black Shark brand will feature aircraft-grade cooling mechanism and a top-end processor. The device is also stated to have DSP-integrated graphics for better power efficiency.

The device is expected to launch towards the end of 2018, with Xiaomi currently focusing on launching the Mi MIX 2S at MWC 2018 and the flagship Mi 7 later.

Razer is also expected to come up with a successor to the Razer Phone towards the end of this year. The phone is also expected to be accompanied by a commercial edition of the “Project Linda” prototype showcased during CES 2018.

With gaming hardware on Smartphones becoming a thing now, it is also interesting to know what sort of games would you like to play with such a device (hopefully, not Candy Crush!).

Do leave your best powerful and resource-intense Android game pick as comments below.


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