whatsapp_group_chat_dismiss_as_admin_gadgets_360_1515746175037Lately, WhatsApp has been testing this new feature for the group chats that allows you to demote or dismiss an admin. Before this, one had to remove the admin, and then add them as a normal participant. The feature is being tested on both iOS and Android platforms.

This was revealed by WAbetainfo, which is a fan site that tests out new WhatsApp feature in the beta mode. The new option is going to be present in the group info section named as dismiss and admin and would allow one admin to dismiss another one without removing her or him from the group.

The report revealed that WhatsApp is currently developing this feature for iOS devices. But soon, it would be available for every platform. For Android users, it is already enabled by default in the latest WhatsApp beta on android at play store.
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It will also give admins more power where they can restrict members from sending texts, videos, photos gif etc. These restricted group settings have already been submitted to the latest beta on play store version 2.17.430. These features can only be activated by group admins. They’d be able to chat and share normally while at the same time restricting users from doing a lot.
If users are restricted, they are left with only being able to read messages without being able to send any messages or respond. If they want to post a message, they’d have to message the admin prior to it. Once the message is approved, it would be sent to the group and be visible to rest of the group members.
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