A much awaited Whatsapp rumor from months , goes live today. Yes , Whatsapp now officially revealed the feature to unsend the unwanted messages you sent.

To be more specific, before update, back then when a user deletes a message sent, the message would be deleted from their chatbox, but still allows the recipient to see it. After the update, you can now delete from everywhere, that is from the recipients chatbox too.

So here’s the change you will see when you long press and hold the message you want to unsend .

Too many options now ? One for you and one from everywhere! If you don’t want the person you text to see your wanted message , go for the Delete For Everyone , whereas if you don’t want to see the message regardless of the recipient , then go for Delete For Me.

Save your pride , don’t get caught by the unwanted the messages you sent , Delete them before someone sees it.

Happy Surfing!

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