According to Marketer Trends report on the State of Social Video over 74 percent of digital marketers created a minimum of two videos every month to get the desired results for social media marketing.

Video content elevates the graph of sales and traffic while helping prospective customers to understand the brand’s products and services easily. It also plays a vital role in reducing the number of support queries. With videos, a crucial part of B2B and B2C marketing strategies, the use of video editing tools has also increased significantly.

Benefits of Open-source Video Editing Software

Free video editing software allows users to modify and edit video content. Simplicity in performance and manipulation makes them easy to use even for beginners. Though some of the most potential video editors are available at zero cost their software systems are highly advanced. It would be not wrong to mention that they are more secure and stable than most of the proprietary software.

Most importantly, they are a money-saving option for businesses with a limited budget. High quality open-source online video editors don’t require plug-ins. Individuals with budget constraints can create perfect videos using small cameras or smartphones and include transitional effects with an open-source video editor. With these handy tools to your rescue, you don’t need any professional training for editing your video contents.

Best Free Video Editing Software for Producing Optimal Quality Videos


KDEnlive tops the list of free video editing software as it supports almost every format that backs FFmpeg such as FLV, MOV, MPEG, WMV, AVI, and XviD. Plus, this non-Linear video editing tool facilitates its users with creative effects, preview facility, tilting features, multi-video editing, video and audio thumbnails, desktop integration, and customizable layouts. Besides, KDEnlive offers the benefit of video export to DVD or DV devices.


Available for free for Linux, Mac, and Windows, Blender is the next best video editing software.

Its super features include histogram display, live preview, chroma vectorscope, and luma waveform. Users can easily sync, scrub and audio mix their video contents using this tool. The software also offers the benefit of waveform visualization, transitions, speed control, and keyframes to the users. This editing application is available in Fedora, Ubuntu, and Debian versions.


It’s a versatile video editing tool designed with the aim to boost video marketing. The list of free video editing software is incomplete without InVideo as it comes with thousands of text boxes, images, and stickers. Creating winning video content is easy with this tool due to its comprehensive set of features which includes 720p resolution and 1GB storage space. This software comes with over 100 designer templates. Moreover, you won’t have to add InVideo watermark in your videos.


If you are looking for open-source video editing software that’s both unique and creative, then give OpenShot a try. This tool includes all basic features like slice and trim, audio adjustment, video merging, and video rotation. It also allows the users to add transitions, 3-D animations, and effects to the video content.


VideoPad is next in the list of free video editing software. This smart tool enhances not only the overall quality of the videos but also a little extra ‘glitter’ to them so that they outshine on various social media platforms. It allows users to add as many effects as they want in their video. Its core features include rotation change, text/audio effects, transition, speed change, and color correction. The video editor is ideal for Kindle, Windows, iPhone, Mac, and iPad.


Featuring intuitive and beautiful user interface Pitivi has server support of GStreamer Multimedia Framework. It accepts all video editing formats. The tool offers access to 70 plus industry-standard filters and transitions and hundreds of animated, audio and video effects. This unique video editing software comes with advanced features such as roll editing, real-time searching, trimming previews, snapping and grouping, automatic zooming adjustment, smooth scrolling, non-modal cutting, and editing.


It is a top-rated video editor that works best on Linux, Mac, and Windows. It’s an advanced open-source tool offering access to all the premium video editing features for free and is an ideal fit for all video formats. The best thing about Shotcut is that it comes with tutorial videos for the ease of users.

Icecream Video Editor

Icecream Video Editor has to be in our list of free video editing software because of its industry-standard features including text and video functions, change/add audio and more. Moreover, users can personalize the dimensions of their videos using the software’s handy presets, which include Instagram, Landscape, and Portrait. Besides, the video editor comes with several advanced filters such as Blur, Black and White, Vintage, Sepia and more.

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is one-of-a-kind video editing software on the list. It has several professional-level video features and intuitive interfaces. Additionally, it can be used for advanced video trimming, video slicing and adding 2D/3D titles to the content. The core features of this smart video editor are color correction, audio mastering, multi-cam editing, etc.


Virtualdub is a perfect option for filtering, recompression and for processing other linear video streams. It’s industry-standard video editing software that supports video capture. Its fractional frame-rates allow users to develop AVI clips and multi-segment AVI2 files while offering the benefits of noise reduction and field swapping.

Final Word

You may sift through the list of free video editing software to find the best video editor fitting your specific requirements. Generally, video editing tools are used with 3D design software, animation software, and video effects software. Therefore, you should choose a tool efficient for your company’s video marketing strategy. After all, your ultimate aim is to boost the ROI and goodwill of your brand.

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