Fingerprint scanner technology developer and manufacturer Synaptics had announced back in December a fingerprint scanner that could be placed under the display panel of Smartphones and other touch devices. They had also announced that a Tier-1 manufacturer would announce a device with this technology in CES 2018.

Well, it turns out that the Tier-1 manufacturer is Vivo, as they have officially displayed the device at the CES 2018 event happening in Las Vegas. Even though no specific details about the device (including its name) were provided, Vivo Senior VP Mr. Alex Feng stated in a press release that the device is ready for mass production and announcement should happen “Early 2018”.

vivo display fingerprint

The fingerprint sensor in the upcoming Vivo Smartphone sits between the PCB board and the OLED display panel of the device. The fingerprint sensor will use the light from the OLED display to illuminate the finger and get fingerprint data.

Synaptics has also assured that the level of security offered by this kind of fingerprint scanner will be similar to that found of current top-of-the-line devices like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Vivo X20.


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