Annoyed explaining your friends that you don’t really remember or have the WiFi password to the ones you are connected with ? Then here’s a trick to simplify that and help you to save your friendship. Free WiFi is as good as free food; the more the better. But you can’t directly access the data directory. Hence you will need to root your phone and here’s a link if you wish to do so.

view saved wifi passwords

Additionally, there’s another technique finding out what the password is which isn’t that handy but you may have a look for it below after this section.

Prerequisite :

Before we start there are a certain things which needs to be done, to finish this task .

The conventional or pre-installed file manager won’t be able to give you access to the root files. Therefore , to look up you will have to install ES File Explorer or similar file explorer with root access on your smartphone .

Once you are done, installing it , enable the Root Explorer from the settings. You can now follow the steps below to see how you can access passwords of the saved WiFi.

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Steps to view saved password in Android

  1. Open ES File Explorer, and go to device storage.
  2. After getting in,  Navigate to data/misc/wifi folder.
  3. Search for the file named “wpa_supplicant.conf”
  4. Open the file and make sure to you open it in ES File Explorer’s built-in text or an HTML viewer.
  5. That file would contain SSID and their respective passwords.
  6. And Voilà ! We are done.

Note: Do not edit wpa_supplicant.conf file otherwise it may cause wifi connectivity issues.

This is an actual and a pretty decent approach but only thing you will need it is to have your device rooted, once you are through that, you pretty much would make this task very easy to execute.

Just go through the other technique , just in case if at any circumstances you get it.

Method #2 – The QR Code Technique (Xiaomi Users)

Fortunately if you have an Xiaomi phone or a user , we can crack it up way too easily without any need to root your phone or any application needed to be installed

Here a the simple steps to get it going.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Open WiFi Settings
  3. Click on desired Username you wish to see the password of.
  4. When you click on it , you will find an option of Share Password which will generate a QR code .
  5. Scan it with another a phone ; once done you will find an option of Copying it to Clipboard.
  6. Copy it, and paste it anywhere you like, and you will see the password.

This is a much limited way to get our problem solved , but you never know when you come across such situation , so its better to know the procedure of it.

The Outro

As you would have noticed already that its kind of a frustrating thing to do, the steps are easy to perform if you have all the resources like rooted phone, or a feature with lets you share the wifi password as a QR code. I hope this was was a helpful material to save your friendship and to not bother the customer service person at cafeterias with demands of WiFi Passwords. Stay Tuned for more and Happy Surfing!!

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