When you move from iOS to android you face many different changes which are exteremly best qualitative features in compare to android features. One of the impressive features is the video calling app and for that facetime is the best video calling app iOS feature which is the inbuilt app provided by Apple. It is one of the best video chatting application.

Facetime alternative android

As there are many video calling apps available for android but very few of them compete or come close to facetime in video calling. Below is the list of alternatives to facetime for android

1) Google DUO

google duo

Price: Free

   Download Google Duo


One of the latest launch of google for video calling and chatting is google duo app. This app is now inbuilt provided in Android phones like iOS providing facetime. Also this app is available for ios users for free. There’s not too much of fancy features added to Duo as this app is simple just you need to tap on call and you are on your way for video chatting.

Just there is one feature that is Knock Knock where you can preview incoming video calls from everyone in your contacts. Here simplicity is the key point which is same as facetime.

2) Skype

skype android

Price: Free

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As everyone knows Skype is one of the oldest video calling application and was most popular among all other apps. But nowadays it has been little been faded down in its popularity due to more competition of other apps and they provide many different features which are not present in Skype.

The positive point of using Skype is that it provides you to make a video call among 10 people at a time which many of the apps does not support this feature.

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3) Viber Messenger

viber messenger

Price: Free

   Download Viber


After Skype one more application which has been in the market from very long time. Viber provides free calls, messaging and video chats too. It has been a more popular app which has around 700 million users worldwide which is most number of users among all other video calling apps till date.

Also Viber provides desktop facility where you can send text message, video calling and voice calling. The different feature provided by this app is that it provides social news of all around the world and the best part is that it supports Android wear too…!!!

4) Tango

tango android

Price: Free

   Download Tango


Tango is very easy to use the video quality is good it is very easy to switch between video and voice call. Tango supports both Android and iOS devices. The different feature provided by Tango is to meet new people with same interests where you can make your group which keeps you in touch. It provides a mask feature where you can make different faces the screen is transformed with whatever theme you pick.

Interesting here is while video calling you can also play games. So Tango gives a good competition to facetime on iOS devices due to its simplicity and powerful video chatting and voice calling feature. It is a best alternative to facetime.

5) ooVoo


Price: Free

   Download ooVoo


Oovoo is a perfect package or combo of video call, voice call and chatting all in one application. The reviews by users are better in compare to other apps. Also the downloads is also in a good amount. The video call with maximum 12 people at a time is a better feature which gives a good competition to Skype.

Key features of this app are you can watch YouTube together with friends while video chatting., you can leave a message or fun photos to friends, family or on social media, you can record your voice or video conversation simply you need tap on the record button these features are not available on facetime. So it gives a hefty competition to facetime.


Finally after reviewing these 5 apps the facetime has some best alternatives which give a better competition to it. But the things like voice call, video calling, text messages, etc are common between these apps and facetime. The main alternative to find between facetime and android apps is the quality of service provided by the apps but few of the apps comes into this category.

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