You just wanted to listen to some songs or watch some movies on your personal computer or a laptop but you find your laptop’s speaker is not functioning properly, in this case, you might consider a repair of your damaged speakers…..really..?.actually you do not have to spend some bucks as we have an alternate way to solve this problem on a freeway and that too without wires.

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This method does not require any cable or even the latest version of Android to work.

How to use your Android device as Speaker for PC/Laptop

  • Download and install SoundWire on your PC from here.You have to select the platform like Windows, Linux etc.I have windows version so let’s go ahead with that.
  • You will get the file.
  • Extract the downloaded file, double-click the installer and accept the agreement.

  • Your program will be installed.
  • Open the program and you will get the box as below.

  • Right now the status is disconnected.

  • Download the sound wire app on your phone

   Download SoundWire

  • Open the app and you will get a display like below.

  • Note the server address from the desktop application and write it in the app.
  • click on the sound wire icon and you will notice that it is now connected to the desktop application.

You can also adjust the master volume from the server desktop app.

Let us check the application now by playing audio from your pc or a laptop.

Note – It requires an active internet connection, both devices should be connected to same wifi network.It will only work on wifi, not on mobile data.


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