Unlocking the bootloader of an Android device such as Xiaomi, is pretty easy and opens a whole new world of possibilities. Once unlocked, you can customize the look & feel of your smart device. This guide will teach you how to unlock bootloader on Xiaomi device using official Xiaomi Flash tool.

Not only your smartphone or tablet’s performance will receive a huge bump, you can even install applications that are currently unsupported by Google or your device manufacturer.

Of course, this process would most certainly void any existing warranty on the phone, so if you brick your device you are looking at only one person to blame, & that is yourself!

But if you dare a little to assume the risks involved like permanent loss of data (if there’s no backup) and the possibility of bricking your device with no point of return, then you will have an unlocked bootloader on your hands, or your Xiaomi smartphone in this case.

Stuff you need to unlock bootloader on Xiaomi

  • A PC (preferably Windows)
  • A Xiaomi device with at least 50% of battery power (more if it drains too fast)
  • One USB cable compatible with your device
  • Xiaomi USB Drivers installed on your PC, &
  • MI Flash Unlock Tool

The whole process takes less than 15 minutes but there’s a catch which I’ll get to in a bit.

Get the permission

Xiaomi, being the world’s popular smartphone in terms of usage, is not allowing its users to unlock bootloader in Xiaomi without their prior consent. As a result, everybody wishing to unlock their smartphone must seek their approval, which can sometimes take up to 10 days or even longer. This approval comes in the form of an SMS code on your mobile phone that you need to register while sending in a request for the same. If this does not put you off and you are still persistent on continuing, then read on how to unlock bootloader on Xiaomi.

  1. To put in an appeal, open a web browser on your PC and go to the official MIUI website and click on the ‘Unlock Now’ button.unlock bootloader xiaomi, xiaomi bootloader unlock code, how to unlock bootloader on xiaomi
  2. Enter your Mi account login details and then tap on ‘Sign In’. If you don’t have a Mi account you can easily create a new one from the same page.unlock bootloader xiaomi, xiaomi bootloader unlock code, how to unlock bootloader on xiaomi
  3. Fill out the mandatory details like your name and phone number and give a suitable reason for putting in the request to seek bootloader unlocking permission.
  4. After you are through with the due diligence on this page, hit ‘Apply Now’.
  5. Then punch in the SMS code that you receive as a part of Xiaomi’s verification process and hit ‘Next’.
  6. If everything goes well, you will see a message informing that your application has been submitted and you must wait up to 10 days to receive their answer.

Proceed to unlock Xiaomi bootloader 

Let’s assume that you waited this whole time and things turned in your favor and you got the Xiaomi bootloader unlock code, you must follow these exact steps as they appear in a sequence so as not to mess up and brick your Xiaomi smartphone.

  1. Backup all your data – photos, videos, documents, remove MicroSD card, if any.
  2. Download the Mi Flash Unlock Tool on your PC. Once the file has finished downloading, extract and install it on your computer.unlock bootloader xiaomi, xiaomi bootloader unlock code, how to unlock bootloader on xiaomi
  3. You will be asked to punch in the Mi account login details on this tool. So enter the exact same details that you had used before to send in the request for bootloader unlock.
  4. On your Xiaomi smartphone, go to SettingsAbout PhoneBuild Number, tap on this number 7 times to unlock Developer Options.
  5. Go back to Settings and scroll down to find Developer Options as a newly added entry to the list of settings. Tap on that.
  6. You need to enable two things here: Enable USB Debugging and Enable OEM Unlock.
  7. Install Xiaomi USB drivers, since you will be connecting your Xiaomi device to the PC in the next step.
  8. Connect Xiaomi smartphone to your PC using the USB cable compatible with your device.
  9. Turn off your device by holding the Power button and Volume Down key simultaneously so the phone can enter fastboot mode. You will know when you are there because the screen will display a bunny.
  10. Check if your phone is properly connected to the PC and whether it is in the fastboot mode, if so, the MI Flash Unlock Tool should recognize your phone and display ‘Unlock’ button. Click on it.
  11. In a couple of minutes, you will have unlocked bootloader on Xiaomi. Congratulations!

Now you can flash APKs, install custom ROMs, flash the device with custom recovery like TWRP, instead of stock recovery.

This method is by far the easiest and the safest, so you should take up on that.

Happy Unlocking!

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