mate_pro_10.0The mate 10 and mate 10 pro are beautiful devices by Huawei launched recently, both the devices are assisted by A.I and have the aim to make a dent in the market. So in today’s tutorial, we will be looking into how you can unlock the bootloader on your Mate 10 and Mate 10 pro and root the device to get extra functionality out of the device.

Before we begin do note that Unlocking bootloader and rooting your device can brick the devices, cause boot loops or other erratic problems and also result in loss of data so proceed with caution. We recommend you to take a backup of the device if worst comes to worst. You can use Huawei Backup App backup your data to an SD card. With that out of the way, let us begin.


  • Huawei Mate 10 or Mate 10 pro (D’uh!)
  • Developer options enabled on the device
  • A windows computer (Windows 7 recommended, Windows 10 has bugs)
  • ADB & fastboot drivers installed on your computer
  • FunkyHuawei Tool ( Can be downloaded here)
  • Valid Huawei Account which logged in to the device

To Enable Developer options

  • Go to Settings
  • About phone
  • Tap the build number a few times ( 7 is the magic number)

Alright now that you have all the prerequisites checked and completed let’s start unlocking the bootloader.

To unlock the bootloader

  1. Go to this Link
  2. Log in using your Huawei account
  3. Agree to the conditions and Input everything required by the site
  4. Click on “Commit
  5. A key should have popped up, save this key in different places, take screenshots, write it down, go mad! You will require this to unlock the device.
  6. Enable “Enable OEM to unlock” and “USB Debugging” from the developer options and connect the phone to the PC
  7. Once connected your phone will ask you whether you want to allow the PC to access the device, grant the permission.
  8. Open ADB in your Command Prompt or Terminal and key in
    “adb devices” (Without the quotation marks)
  9. The connected device should now show up in the list if it doesn’t that means there’s a problem somewhere, rethink your past actions and correct the mistake. (You could also have a dud USB port but that’s unlikely)
  10. Once connected, enter fastboot mode by typing
    “adb reboot bootloader”
  11. Once your phone boots up in fastboot mode, in the CMD window type
    “fastboot OEM unlock [UNLOCK KEY]” (The key you should have noted down earlier, remove the brackets [ and ])
  12. A confirmation will pop up, accept it and the process will begin ( you WILL lose ALL YOUR DATA so take a backup beforehand)
  13. If you did everything successfully the phone will boot to the initial set up stage
  14. Skip everything and go to developer options to re-enable USB debugging (you can set the device up too but you’ll lose all of it again anyway after you root)
  15. Plug the phone back and from the command prompt again type
    “adb reboot bootloader” (Without quotes)
  16. The phone will reboot to fastboot mode again, you can close the CMD window.

To Root

  1. Launch the FunkyHuawei Tool you downloaded in the perquisites step
  2. There should be 5 options in the application , the 1st being “Root your Mate 10”
  3. Type 1 and hit enter
  4. After a couple more dialogs and instructions the rooting process should start
  5. Once the process is completed the phone will boot back up again with all the user data wiped (I told you to skip the setup in the previous stage, you rebel!)
  6. SuperSU will be installed on the device and that will tell you that you have successfully rooted the device

Congratulation you now have a fully functional Mate 10 or Mate 10 pro with an unlocked bootloader and root access. Go Wild!

Do tell us in the comments down below if you faced any difficulty through the process and we will try our best to help you out.

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