According to an industry survey companies spend over 500 billion dollars on advertising every year. Ads are a great source of customer education and imparting information to customers but we can all agree that ads are irritating and annoying especially when a random ad pops up out of nowhere and start playing audio or flashing spammy messages. So today let’s see why ad blockers are important and which is the best ad blocker you can use in 2018.

ublock vs adblock plus

Any advanced user can tell you that ad blocking softwares have become absolutely necessary these days due to the rampant increase in the number of annoying ads on low quality web pages but installing an ad blocker comes at a cost, not a monetary cost but a cost to the system as ad blocking softwares are power-hungry and eat your memory and CPU prowess. These ad blocking softwares not only block ads but also save you from malware and annoyances over the internet.


Adblock Plus is one of the most popular ad blocker software available for popular browsers like Safari, IE etc. The good thing about Adblock plus is that it blocks annoying ads but allows the websites to run some non-intrusive ads.

On the other end of the spectrum is uBlock Origin, which is an open source software maintained in GitHub. It claims to do everything Adblock Plus can do but better while using fewer resources and being less taxing on the system. uBlock is only available for chrome, safari or Firefox while Adblock Plus covers a host of other browsers too.

Winner – Adblock Plus

Power and Memory consumption

In our comparison, the key focus is on memory consumption and uBlock Origin is a clear winner there. It consumes a lot less memory when compared to Adblock Plus and performs similarly or even better in some cases.

ublock cpu usage

In systems where resources are limited, we recommend using uBlock as Adblock consumes a lot of CPU as well as RAM power. We recommend a minimum of a quad core CPU with minimum 6 GB of ram for the smooth functioning of Adblock Plus whereas uBlock can be used on systems with 2 cores and 2 GB of Ram as well.

Winner – uBlock Origin

User Experience

uBlock is fairly simple to use, there one big button which you press to either enable or disable the ad blocker, Adblock Plus too is pretty similar but has a couple of extra option in the settings.

adblock plus interface

AdBlock Plus has a certain predefined list of filters and whitelisted domains so the user doesn’t have to tinker around with the settings but if a user wants to add certain filters they can manually add it. uBlock Origin, on the other hand, provides a larger set of third-party filters and rules including filters from AdBlock Plus along with various others.

Winner – uBlock Origin


Privacy is another concern in our comparison and AdBlock Plus very clearly state on their website that supreme privacy of their users is their main concern whereas uBlock doesn’t explicitly mention anything about user privacy so this could become a cause of concern.

Winner – Adblock plus


While uBlock seems to have a slight over AdBlock plus they are very similar in almost every aspect, uBlock is considerably new in the field while AdBlock Plus is a veteran. AdBlock has a good following in the community while uBlock has a growing community.

So, in the end, it all boils down to a few things, first, how important are the resources of your system to you. Second, how much do you value your privacy and third, how important is continuing support for you? If you are someone with enough resources and care for your privacy we recommend Adblock Plus for you but if your machine isn’t capable enough and you still need a solid ad blocking software uBlock Origin is your pick.

If you like our content, do consider helping us by adding us to your whitelist or by disabling adblock on our site. We hope this comparison helped you choose the right ad blocking software for your browser.

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