Being a regular internet user, we all love to surf new sites on the internet, sometimes we came across to some piracy or illegal sites, and surfing these sites can cause some serious troubles to you, and even we love to download kinds of stuff from Torrent. Recently, there was a big NEWS related to Torrent that if you surf any Torrent site then it may land you in jail.

free vpn for android

So, the only solution to surf the internet anonymously or securely is VPN – Best free vpn for android. Yes, VPN or we can Virtual Private Network works as a saviour for us. While surfing any site or while doing any internet activity, VPN doesn’t allow any third party to access our information like IP Address.

A good free VPN for android hides all information and keep us safe but finding a quality VPN is a headache, this was the reason behind this post. In this post, I have shared some top-notch VPNs App for Android which are entirely secure and is free to use.

How VPN Works 

best free vpn android

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Once the user is connected to VPN, it creates a shield between you and the internet, and the shield doesn’t allow the ISP, Hacker or any other third party to snoop into your data. In other words, a VPN provides end-to-end data encryption to its user.

By using a VPN, you can easily bypass any blocked website, or you even can surpass government censorship.

After spending time in searching for good VPN Apps and in using them, I have bought some best working VPNs.

Free VPN for Android 

  1. Betternet 

betternet vpn for android

Betternet, the name defines all. It is one of the best and top rated Android VPN App available on the Internet. It detects your Android device location and connects you to the nearest secured VPN server.

Till you are connected to the VPN your IP Address and address will be changed temporary, so no third party will able to track you. It doesn’t have any speed capping limits, so you don’t have to worry about your internet speed.

Other VPN Apps forces you to create a account in order to use the App but Betternet doesn’t have any policy like this. You can use this App without registration. It has trust of over 38 million users. It shows ads as a revenue source but still the Ads are not irritating compare to other App’s ads.

  1. Turbo VPN 

Another Android VPN which works almost same like Betternet. The key feature of this App is that it works smoothly without any problem on slow internet connections as well. While surfing YouTube, you may faced the problem of “This video is not available in your country” error while trying to watch videos, and this App even solved this problem. It encrypts data using OpenVPN protocols.

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  1. Hotspot Shield 

hotspot shield vpn for android

You may have heard about this App because it is bit famous because of its speed, stability and security. It provides two packages, free and Elite. Free mode is free for lifetime, and Elite mode unlocks some of its features which free mode doesn’t have. You can take the 7 days free trial of the Elite mode. It is powered by AnchorFree and its offer servers from over 20 different countries.

Hotspot Shield does not any activity log/report, so you are 100% safe. It has over 400 millions users, most of its users have given a positive review and authority sites like CNN, New York Times, CNET, Forbes etc.

  1. VyprVPN 

vyprvpn vpn for android

GoldenFrog has developed this App and it is rated 4.2 stars on Google Playstore. It has 50+ server locations and 200k+ IP Addresses. The speed graph feature shows the upload and download speed of your internet connection you are using. VyprVPN gives your three encryption protocols.

VyprDNS, a unique scrambled DNS made by VyprVPN, is accessible for VyprVPN clients. It also doesn’t have any download capping system, enjoy unlimited downloading.

  1. Opera VPN 

opera vpn for android

A VPN service provided by Opera. I think I don’t have to introduce what opera is. Opera is much famous for its web browser, and soon they launched many other Apps like Data Usage App, VPN etc. This App doesn’t have much features compare to the above mentioned Apps but this App is free for lifetime, so it’s not a bad deal.

Opera’s 20 years of experience make this App more special. It has a built-in Ad blocker which block all the annoying Pop-up and download banner ads. It requires Android 4.0 and up and it is only of 46 MB.

Final Thoughts –

This was the list of Free VPN Apps For Android, using any of the mentioned App and make your internet surfing more secure. Don’t hesitate to pay for any VPN App because in upcoming days VPN and Proxies are going to have a great role in internet security. That’s it for today, will meet you in another interesting article till then keep visiting our site, have a nice day.


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