Nowadays android phones and tablets are coming with a very big size. Because of their big size, they are suitable for certain tasks that might be found the best for them. Tasks like watching HD videos, playing games are suitable for this kind of phone/tablet. Reading magazines is also one of them. We have gathered some of the best magazine reading apps which are worth trying.


  1. Google Newsstand


Discover the news and magazines you like with just a click on your phone or tablet with Google Newsstand. You can subscribe to your favorite magazines and newspaper on Google Newsstand. Enjoy the latest news and in-depth articles featuring audio, video and photos. Get all the latest news from all the sections free, also you can subscribe to paid news all these things in one place. You can start reading right away with a home screen which adapts news with your interests over time. You can also search for magazines and news into specific categories. The best part of this is offline access. Yes, you can access to topics or magazines offline without missing a page. Bookmark stories that you would like to read later. This is a must have app if you are interested in reading news or magazines. Click here to simply download the app.


  1. Zinio

Over 5,000+ digital magazines, fresh articles daily, Zinio gives you the best facilities that you want. You can shop for the magazines that you want in the newsstand with great amount on subscriptions and articles. This app also provides offline access to magazines or articles to its users. You can sync your library with all your other devices instantly. Moreover, you can connect with Facebook and share what you read or explore. Zinio is probably one of the best with all its features and specifications. Go ahead and download it from here.



  1. Issuu

Experience millions of the world’s best magazines and articles created by over 1.5 million publishers around the world. Enjoys unlimited access to magazines, catalogs and more from wherever you want from the globe, all for free. Bundle collection of your favorite articles and magazines and share them across the social networks. Stay connected with the latest stories, articles and magazines from the world with Issuu. Find the famous articles, magazines and read them out for free. Download it here.


  1. Amazon Kindle

With Kindle app put over a million books at your fingertips. Every book must have this app. Even reading magazines and newspaper is a great fun with Kindle. Shops yours books, sync your eBooks with Amazon Kindle very easily. Moreover, use Build-in Dictionary, Google and Wikipedia right inside the app if you don’t understand something or want to know about it. Lastly, the best feature of Kindle is you can read sample books before you buy. You can read the first chapter of the book before you decide to buy it. Go ahead download it here.


  1. Nook

Nook provides you to select around 3 million books, magazines, newspapers and comics. You can read free books over 1 million free eBooks. Try any magazines or newspapers free for 14 days. Adjust fonts, sizes and styles as you want easily in Nook. Bookmark you last page and pick up where you left off nest time. Not like the other four, but Nook is also worth trying. Download it from here.

NOOK – Read Books & Magazines - screenshot


Final view

You would have come to know which app is right for you while going through these five apps. Google play Newsstand is an amazing app to have especially in case of news. While Amazon and Nook provides its best in magazines. Zinio focuses on a single thing and Issuu is offering many things for free. Share your thoughts or if your preferred app is not listed in this post with us in the comment section below.

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