Xposed framework is one of the best tweaker there is out there for android which allows the user to change things around without a requiring a reflash with a new Rom. Xposed works by installing modules on your device which basically installs tiny apps on your device without changing anything on the system level so it is considerably safe option for people who are interesting in changing things on their devices but don’t want to flash a new Rom. So today we present the best modules you can install on your devices using Xposed framework.

1.Gravity box


Gravity Box is the jack of all trades, it has many functionalities and allows users to tweak a lot of things like Expanded Desktop settings, Status Bar quick settings tile management and tile reordering, Lockscreen target settings,Status bar look and feel, brightness and icon colors manipulation, Navigation bar tweaks, Display tweaks, Media tweak, Launcher tweak, Smart radio, Notification control, Hardware keys action etc.



Similar to gravity box the XUIMOD too is a collection of tweaks collected from various sources and custom Roms. This module can tweak animations, navigation bar, status bar, battery etc. this is a perfect mod for people who do not want to flash a custom ROM but still want features from those Roms.



If you are fed up of your device’s battery life and want to extend it as long as you can Greenify is for you. It puts background apps into hibernation so they don’t keep functioning unnecessarily and keep consuming power in the background. You can automate the hibernation process too.

4.Wanam kit


Wanam kit is a customisation tool which allows you to changes quite a few things on your stock rom. Some of the changes include the ability to enable numeric battery, change clock position, skip music with volume buttons, Disable screen turning on while plugging or unplugging the charger, advanced power menu along with circle battery indicator and much more.

5.Flat Style Colored Bars


Ever wanted to change the design and colour of your status bar, notification bar or navigation bar? Yes? Then this module is perfect for you. With this you can customise the look and feel of your phone even more and change it from the stock black or white coloured status, notification and navigation bar to anything your heart desires.

6.Screenshot delay remover

Clicking a screenshot is quick but apparently not so quick for some people, the 500 ms lag between pressing the buttons and the screenshot being capture is too long for some people and this module is made exactly for people like you who just can’t wait. Enabling this module will remove that 500 ms lag between pressing the buttons and the screenshot actually being clicked. Pretty handy for some of you bitcoin traders I’d say!

7.Awesome Pop-Up Video

The name is quite self explanatory, this Module put any video you are watching in a pop up. It is made for Kit Kat to Marshmallow sadly android version above it won’t be able to run this but if you are on Oreo you wouldn’t need it either as Oreo has picture in picture mode. This is quite handy for people who want to multitask on their devices.

8.Android N-ify

This module again is for people on older Android versions like Lollipop and marshmallow. This basically gives older android version the capabilities of Android N.


Want to add beautiful fonts to your device? Want to change the look and feel of the device without tinkering with other critical aspects of the software? Look no further, iFont is the best way to change your fonts device-wide. It allows you to use a variety of fonts and apply them to your device.


It is common knowledge that one should calibrate their battery after every ROM flash but many a times we tend to forget that, well this module can help you in cases like those where you have messed up your devices battery and want to recalibrate it. The software does this by removing batterystats.bin which is a system file. Android generates a new batterystats file soon after and that leads to removal of any fake information from the previously flashed ROMs.
We also suggest you let your phone completely discharge and then charge it to 100% without interruptions.

11.Coolify Flat

The device running too hot? Heat causing unnecessary trouble with the device? Fret not Coolify Flat is the module for you. Coolify Flat is a device temperature management module it helps you keep your device at normal usage temperatures, offers One-Click Optimization, has a simple user interface and allows you to see temps in status bar using Xposed.

12.Youtube adaway

Youtube Ads have become downright annoying and irritating and Fossil is to blame for it with 20 seconds of unskippable ads running videos. Well, this module addresses exactly this problem and helps you remove Ads, Channel Logo, videos suggestions and Information card teasers from the videos you are watching. Apart from the official Youtube App this module also works for YouTube TV, YouTube Gaming, and YouTube Kids.


Starting Android Marshmallow google made it compulsory for the users to grant certain permissions to apps before they can use it thus providing the users with complete dynamic control over their privacy but this wasn’t available on older versions of Android. XPrivacy brings that same functionality to older android devices so they too can have more control over their privacy and what they share with apps.


BootManager makes auto starting of unnecessary apps impossible without your permission. It makes sure no unnecessary app is starting up when your phone boots up and this helps in speeding the boot process. This also helps conserve battery by killing apps running in the background.

15.XBlast Tools

This is one of the best modules for people who like to customize their device. It allows you to customize the look of network signals, keyboard backgrounds, clock, battery and much more. It makes Android device much more colorful and interesting.



DynamicNotifications is basically like moto display, it allows the users to check their latest notifications even when the screen is off in an elegant and clean way.


XthemeEngine is as the name implies a theme engine which changes the look and feels of your system device-wide. You select and apply themes from a wide variety of collection. It works similar to the theme engine on Cyanogen Mod.

18. RootCloak

RootCloak is a module that helps you hide the fact that your phone is rooted from other apps so they function just like normal. Just select what apps you want to hide your phones rooted status with and it will cloak your device.

19.WhatsApp Extensions

Are you a hardcore WhatsApp user? Do you want to change some functionalities of the app? Well, then WhatsApp Extensions is the module for you. It lets you have Chat reminders, custom wallpapers for every individual contact, and highlighted chat etc. and has many more functions normal WhatsApp doesn’t have.

20. Fake My GPS

Fake My GPS is a module that allows you to set where you want the location to be at. Any app that wants location access will get the location you set on your device and not your actual location. Quite useful if you ask me personally.

So this was out the list of the best Xposed modules you can use on your device, now go out and enjoy these tweaks because you can. Oh, isn’t android just amazing!


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