Top 10 Best iPhone Location Tracking Apps

Best iPhone locator app

If you are looking for the best iPhone locator app, then this is the article for you. We have compiled a list of 10 different apps that will help track your phone in case it gets lost or stolen. Some of these apps come with other features as well, so be sure to read about them before making your decision.

What is iphone tracking app?

An iPhone tracking app is a mobile application that tracks the location of an individual through their phone. These apps allow you to track anyone on your child’s device, spouse or employees by installing the tracker onto one of these devices and then logging into it from any other internet connected device. You can also use them for yourself if you want to know where your friends are too! The possibilities really are endless with these type of applications because they give us all access to more information about our world around us. Many people think this technology has been negatively used in many different ways, but there have also been great uses for it as well such as rescuing children who get lost while out shopping at malls without supervision from parents.

How iPhone location tracking app works?

One of the more popular features of these apps is also location tracking. Location tracking allows you to see where someone with a phone has been over time and it can be very beneficial in knowing your kids are safe or if they have left their “safe zone”. With most applications, you do not even need access to the actual device because many work through GPS systems that use satellites which means all you have to do is install one application on an iPhone, Android Phone , Blackberry etc… Log into whatever device it is installed on from anywhere else in the world with internet connection and now you know exactly what’s going on . You will usually get notifications sent right ot y our email whenever something changes.

Mspy review

iphone spy mspy

If you are looking for a software that can help monitor your child’s online behavior, this is another app not only useful but safe as well . You will be able to see their new friends on social media websites or who they have been talking with through chat. This way if there seems to be anything suspicious going on , you can take action before it gets out of hand and becomes dangerous . Parents love using mSpy because it has one of the best reputations in monitoring apps and many trust them completely when giving such sensitive information to let them download onto their own devices. By having this app on iphone, it is completely undetectable and you iphone locator will not be able to tell that they are being monitored.

Eyezy review

This app can track iphone location , messages, calls and contacts. You need to install the app on their phone first in order for it to work though . The futures of are not limited to just tracking but also include controlling the phone remotely , so if you’re looking for a full control package, then this is it .


This is the most simple iphone location tracking app to use . You just need to send a message, and you will have the location of the tracked phone. No additional software needed to be installed . You can also use it to find your phone.

FlexiSpy review

This is a powerful cell phone spy app that can give you access to almost anything from any other device. FlexiSpy will not only track location but monitor emails, texts, chat conversations (including Facebook messenger), record surroundings using its sound recording feature while someone’s talking near the phone being tracked , read WhatsApp messages sent by them as well as see all photos taken or uploaded onto social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat where they’ve shared them with others plus so much more ! This is an expensive option depending on how many months of service you want .

Thespybubble review

This app is great for catching cheaters. It tracks iPhone GPS location , call logs, text messages (which cannot be read), browsing history and data usage . The best part about this application though is that it alerts you when the phone has been turned on or off so no one can switch their devices off to avoid tracking!

ClevGuard review

Another good option if you are looking for an inexpensive cell phone monitoring app. It’s good for catching cheaters, it tracks iPhone GPS location , call logs and text messages (which cannot be read). One downside is that you can’t always view the phone screen with this app .

Cocospy review

This spy app is great for catching cheaters , as it tracks iPhone GPS location, call logs and text messages (which cannot be read). It also has a stealth mode that hides the app icon to avoid detection. You can view all phone screens with this application which is nice!

Hoverwatch review

This spy software offers many features like tracking iphone gps locations, call history, sms loggings . The downside is that you need physical access to the target device in order to install it – but if you do have access then this is an excellent choice. Hoverwatch will alert you when your child’s mobile data usage goes over your set limit so you don’t end up getting charged extra fees on top of what they are already doing!

Webwatcher review

Installing webwatcher is a little more complicated than the other apps on this list however, it is still user-friendly. This phone tracker app has remote installation capabilities and can be controlled from anywhere in the world . The downside to webwatcher is that you need physical access to your child’s iPhone in order for them to download any of their data logs from iCloud – but if you do have access then the location tracking feature works well!

KidsGuard review

kidsguard iphone tracker app is a great option for parents who want to monitor their children’s activity and location. It allows you to see the device’s current location, where it has been over time – or even its speed!

KidsGuard also alerts you whenever your child enters/exits a pre-determined geographic area . With this feature, both of these features work together in order to keep track of your child wherever they go by notifying you when they move out of an allowed zone. You can set multiple geo-fences around locations such as school, home, shopping malls etc so that if your child leaves one boundary then another alert will be sent through via email or text message .

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