Imagine if you had an array of options just to customize your Android phones? Well, you can always figure that out ranging from minimalizing your skins to vivid colors or different icons and themes to smart folders and assistants or fancy widgets to convenient app drawer.

best android launcher

There are many android launchers in Google Play Store but most of them are either power hungry or very heavy on your device. Being a custom android launcher, it’s great to bring lots of exciting and innovative features but it should not be at the cost of battery and processing power. Even in the era of highly efficient Android Nougat, many android launchers tends to hang android smartphones. Thus it has become essential to determine ins and outs of the different android launchers.

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That’s why here we are trying to make your job easier by reviewing some of the best android launcher apps for your android smartphone.

Top 10 best Android Launchers of 2017

As the fact states, Change is inevitable, here are a few handy apps which lets you build up a total makeover for your Smartphones.

evie launcher1) Evie launcher

Price : Free

   Download Evie Launcher

Simple, Smooth and reliable

Evie launcher offers a wide amount customization tools at a very less memory usage with a very user-friendly setting. Features like double tap to lock screen , widgets redesign , folder designs and dock with some custom grids add a bit of a spice to launcher to make it the best one.

Points to Ponder:

  • Custom Shortcuts ( allows you to create a shortcut of search result just by a long press.)
  • Universal Search (which searches for you inside all apps on one place)
  • Easy design (icons size, folders ,customizing grids)

evie launcher for android 1


arrow launcher2) Arrow Launcher

Price : Free

   Download Arrow Launcher

Microsoft built this application has its name on list of one of the best launchers. As usual it proves that Microsoft products are built to perform efficiently and to increase customer productivity. However, it has a less amount of customization options but its has been built up in a way very particular manner with clean home screens, properly ordered widgets and cards and speedy app drawer. Although, if you have an Outlook account it can be linked email and calendar appointments. And Hey, no Cortana to help you out if you are stuck though.

Points to Ponder :

  • Microsoft App (Efficient Performance)
  • Outlook Linking (DOC)

arrow launcher for android


nova launcher 3) Nova Launcher

Price : Free / Paid

   Download Nova Launcher

Nova launcher has been the oldest in the market of graphical user interface customization of smartphones and is one of the most highly customizable ever. However if you need more aspects to tailor up your smartphone, you got to pay for it. The paid ones usual dealt with customization of gesture towards your home screen I.e Touch , Swipe , Pinch or Double Tap to open your favorite apps. With that Scroll effects are added such as Cube , Tablet , Card Stack etc. Other tools to customize are commons features such as Icon size , color control etc.

Points to Ponder:

  • Gesture Control (Swipe , Pinch Double Tap)
  • Scroll Effect (Cube, Tablet , Card Stack )
  • Icon Layout (Size, Color Control)

nova launcher for android


atom launcher4) Atom Launcher

Price : Free /  In app purchases

   Download Atom Launcher

This application helps you personalize your smartphone starting with theme designs. The launcher provides the flexibility to develop a custom theme and there are few already on Play store if you want to try one. Apart from that there’s this Atom Bar similar to the notification panel providing Search, Clocks , Quick Settings etc which then can be modified by the user. Also it helps creating your own app grid size with different options such as 5*6 and 6*6 . There is also a home screen copy feature which brings your home screen of another launcher to Atom launcher. Its light, efficient and has enough features to help you personalize your phone.

Points To Ponder:

  • Atom Bar (Search, Clock , Quick Settings Etc)
  • App Grid Size

atom launcher for android


action launcher5) Action Launcher

Price : Free with in app purchase

   Download Action Launcher

Action launcher has taken customization at a different level by providing users a Google Pixel like theme options which includes circular folder, swipe up app dock, Google Pill and Date widgets, and much more. Along with that, few eye-catching tools to create your own style of using smartphone such as Innovative covers which on tapping loads an app and on swiping opens hidden folders. One of the best in term of designs and performance.

Points To Ponder :

  • Google Pixel Theme
  • Google Pill And Date widgets
  • Unique Covers

action launcher for android


Square Home 2 launcher6) SquareHome 2 – Windows Style

Price : Free / Paid

   Download SquareHome 2 Launcher

As the name suggests, this launcher will pretty much make you experience the Window’s Phone. The tiles theme with smart app drawer, notifications on tile, quick access to your personal favorite contacts and plenty of other options to customization. The best part is the whole launcher is designed on metro UI of Windows 10 which is also known as Microsoft design language which makes it Simple, Beautiful and Powerful.

Points To Ponder :

  • Windows Theme Smart App Drawer
  • Notifications on tools

Squarehome 2 launcher for android


Lighting Launcher7) Lighting Launcher

Price : Paid

   Download Lighting Launcher

Lighting launcher is another powerful customization application which allows you to create a good smartphone environment depending on the usage. One of the core feature of this application is that apart from highly customization tools such as font, size , color etc. , the lighting launcher also allows users to script to extend your setup. Yes, you heard it correct, the whole smart phone can be personalized accordingly by Java Scripting, which is good deal for developers. Another dazzling feature is that the themes can be divided up for work, private, kids etc. You can choose whenever whichever you like depending on the usage. This is a very fast, light and highly customization for developers

Points to Ponder :

  • Java Scripting Customable
  • Themes Modes ( Work , Private, Kid Etc)


TSF Launcher8) TSF Launcher – 3D Shell

Price : Free

   Download TSF Launcher

This application offers user an abstract level of theme. The launcher has uniquely added 3D animations. 3D widgets let you enjoy a whole new innovative visual and operative experiences. Apart from that there is a much convenient icon editing tools, custom gesture control, a variety of layouts and options to edit the dock bar. Hence with 3D effects and basic personalisation tools, this is a fast and customer friendly application to set up your smartphone the way you want.

Points to Ponder :

  • 3D animations
  • 3D widgets
  • Gesture Control

 TSF launcher for android


Computer launcher9) Computer Launcher

Price : Free

   Download Computer Launcher

Want your Microsoft desktop theme on your smartphone ? Here’s the best application for it. Not only the theme remains the same, users will also experience similar functions such as moving things into recycle bins, cut /copy/paste/move/share your folders and files , and lastly ZIP support to compress or extract from your ZIP / RAR files. And if did you wondered that it might have a Start drawer too? Then you guessed it right, it supports Start Menu App where you can pin your favorite applications. Hence , if you are looking for an application to customize the way you customize your desktop, than this launcher has it all for you.

Points To Ponder:

  • Personal Computer theme
  • Start Menu App
  • ZIP file support

 computer launcher for android


Buzz Launcher10) Buzz Launcher

Price : Free

   Download Buzz Launcher

The buzz keeps the buzzer running by offering users an “UNIMAGINABLE LEVEL “ of the customization . Buzz has over 100,0000 free themes and is the only launcher which provides these many themes. And that’s not the end , it has tools to customize more than your wallpapers and icons. Bored of the old theme you used for a long time, go to theme store and have another , buzz launcher has it all set up for you.

Points to Ponder:

  • Over 10, 000 themes
  • Custom Wallpapers and Icons 


Final Words

As seen, there are number of options to tailor up your smartphone , and every individual has their own sets of comforts and plans to customize their cell phones , so choose wisely and stay tuned !!!

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