With the arrival of March this year, the “Android P” breeze has started picking up some serious momentum, hasn’t it? Regardless of what the “P” stands for, the rumors have brought in enough Android P features to get our geek juices flowing!

In today’s article, let us take a look at the top features that Android P is looking to bring to the table!

1. Android P Brings Native Support for Iris Scanning


Fingerprints and Facial recog may not be too exciting anymore, but IRIS scan totally is. Only a handful of premium devices out there have implemented it yet, and by the looks of it, the Android P has received quite a few commits already (Source: AOSP) regarding the same and may bring it with itself!

2. Android P Features a Spam Call Blocker

“Spam” may not be the right word for it, but it’s more of a broad feature which will probably allow Android P users to block calls from unwanted, unknown, pay phone as well as private numbers!

And you can’t ever have too much call privacy, can you?

3. Android P Signals Death of Unofficial Android APIs

Android P features death of unofficial Android APISs

Google announced on its official blog that with Android P it’ll stop supporting unofficial Android APIs for further development. Now it may not be a big deal for most users, but its goals anyway are to keep abnormal app behaviours at bay which at times are caused by those unofficial Android APIs.

4. Android P Features No Mic Access for Idle Apps

Google isn’t really big on Privacy and it’s an open secret, but with Android P it’s actually taking steps to bridge that gap.

Apps which slide into the “idle” state won’t be granted access to the mic in the background and that means a lot more privacy for us as users.

5. Android P has Support for the Notch

Android wasn’t ever in bed with iPhone but the latest iPhoen X design seems to have inspired a spate of Android manufacturers to adopt the notch-the latest one being Asus with their Zenfone 5.

If Bloomberg is to be believed, Android P will bring in support for Iphone’s Notch which should further result in future phones too having similar designs, and probably a fraction of iPhone users even converting to Android?

6. Android P Features a Dark Mode

Android’s Dark mode does come in handy when you’re laying on your bed, especially with your lights off in the dead of the night, it’s easy on your eyes, and saves a lot of battery doesn’t it? Oh wait! Android doesn’t have a dark mode!

Hopefully that will be solved with Android P, even though Android may not officially include the dark mode, it’s allowing app developers more legroom to implement the dark mode on their apps from their end.

7. Android P Supports Foldable and Multiple Screen

As of today, there is no Android device in the market which supports “foldable” screens. Although there is one device from ZTE that does have multiple displays-the ZTE Axon M is quite a buggy implementation at best.

That too is going to change with the Android P as it’s rumored to start supporting foldable and multiple screens so more of these innovative displays have an easier time while coding their UI and UX.

8. No Network Strength Indicators

According to this article by XDA, the “signal strength” (in Decibel milliwatts)  indicators in Android are going to the grave with Android P.

Now most users don’t understand it, or need it to begin with, but for those of us who do use it to determine certain Network issues it’s not cheery.

Although from the same source, we can conclude that it’ll only be in effect for “carrier branded” phones, so unlocked devices should still keep us unaffected.

Another feature related to the same element, Network strength; that may come in with Android P according to XDA (again)  is the ability to let users choose how LTE signals are shown to us.

9. Instant Edits for your Screenshots


We don’t always need full-screen screenshots, and Android seems to realize that only after iOS 11 added the feature to itself.

So with Android P, there are strong chances of the OS including an instant screenshot-editing feature as well.

10. No Camera Access for Idle Apps

Android P Features system settings

Did you see that picture of Mark Zuckerburg sticking tape to his laptop’s mic and camera? Yeah, he wasn’t paranoid, he was practical and the same applies to cell phones.

Background apps at times may gain access to your Mic and camera, but as with the mic, the camera access to for apps with an app UID in the idle state, access to the camera would be barred.

My Verdict

If all, or  even half of the “rumoured” or theorized updates above actually come to life in the Android P, it may turn out to be “one small step for Android, one big step for cell phones”, especially with features like the Notch support.

As of now, it’s all well and good but what we get and what we don’t will actually only be clarified after the actual release of the OS. So which Android P Features are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments down below! And if you do want to check out any of our article on how you can install a custom ROM on your phone so that you can get your hands on Android P, then do click on this link!

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