Mobile apps help in work and while traveling. Also, they are good when it comes to dating (for example, they help get acquainted with single Russian girls and many others). For almost every sphere of life, a whole heap of useful programs has been invented. But in this article, we will talk about more interesting things. We present the most unusual programs for Android that can be improved and used in the future.

1. Dine

We start with this dating service. For those who care where and how to eat, Dine was invented. In addition to the standard compatibility parameters, it looks for matches in the list of favorite establishments and immediately allows people to invite potential soulmates to a restaurant. The developers themselves are positioning Dine as a service for a perfect first date.

2. Sapio

It is designed to help find a couple for those who consider themselves intellectuals and want to meet interesting people. But for this, you will have to answer about 300 open questions from different areas of human life in which you can show your achievements, political views, hobbies, and so on.

3. Infant Crying Translator

With the accuracy of 92%, the app defines reasons why a baby cries: whether he or she wants to eat, feels bad, wants to sleep, or has a wet diaper. Over time, the accuracy decreases, but even at 5 months, it is 80%. For the development of this mobile app, the team of developers analyzed more than 100 000 records with the cries of babies.

4. Look up

It turned out that, in most cases, people didn’t look around and got into accidents because they were typing at that time. The application works as a GPS sensor. At that moment, when a user approaches the intersection, the application vibrates and asks a person to distract from the screen.

5. Zen

This is an interesting and useful application for Android, which combines meditation and drawing. On the screen of a smartphone, the user creates drawings that are overgrown with beautiful flowers. The thickness of the lines, the color, and the shape of the plants can be changed.

6. Meal Planner

It will offer a daily, weekly, or monthly meal plan, depending on your personal parameters and the number of calories you want to consume and suggest specific recipes and portion sizes. The service allows people to adjust food preferences. For example, if you don’t like some product, for example, milk, then mark it, and the application will no longer offer you the product.

7. Signal

It is unlikely that special services are interested in you at the moment, but it is not very pleasant to realize that your private messages can be read at any time without much effort. This application is used by politicians and businessmen, and it is recommended by special agent Edward Snowden and Time magazine.

8. Ghost Radar Classic

The idea is that paranormal creatures can somehow influence the sensors of your smartphone, thereby revealing themselves. The developers guarantee that you will definitely find something in some dark basement or in a dusty attic.

9. Fingerprint scanner

Put your finger on the screen. The program will scan it and contact the base of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Check, maybe there is a warrant for the arrest of a person with such prints? You can add information about a specific footprint and its owner in the program database in advance.

10. Drink manager

This is the app for those who need to know the alcohol content in their (or someone else’s) blood. All that you needed to do for this is to install the app, run it, and choose the drinks that you (he or she) drank today. The app will issue a detailed report of the percentage of alcohol in the blood.

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