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tricks for rooted android phone

Best Reasons to Root your Android Phone



Rooting extends the functionality of android smartphone and creates space for new customizations and changes like you can change the settings, themes, change app data, crack app data and many more . Recently one of my friend asked me What to do after rooting your phone . Though I explained him ,the idea clicked in my mind that I should also tell my readers about those amazing tweaks and apps for rooting . Thus I am going to tell you about the Benefits of rooting your android smartphone

There are several tricks you can do after rooting , so lets start .

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Check root :

Before trying any of these tweaks first check whether your android phone is rooted or not . There are numerous ways you can check whether your device is rooted or not . Just search in playstore terms like : root checker , check root, root check etc

Recommended App to check rooting status

Now you are confirmed and satisfied that your device is rooted . Right??

Now lets get back to our main topic :

Things you can do with your rooted android

1) Install SuperUser :

Superuser is a must needed app for every rooted phone. Some devices even needs superuser app to root it so in that case you already have it installed in your phone. But if your device don’t possess this app then I fully recommend you to install this app .

Superuser allows to manage root permissions needed for several After rooting apps that is apps that need rooted device. It shows a dialogue box aka prompt screen when any app need root access. Thus its a must installed app .

Download Supersu zip.

2) Install CWM – Clockworkmod Recovery and Flash Custom ROMs

Clockwordmod is the most famous platform to install custom ROMs in your device. Even recently Google tried to buy this company so you can have an idea of its relevancy. It also offer Custom recovery which extends the features of your recovery mode.With custom recovery you can flash any “zip” file from phone itself . No need to use ADB in computer. Interesting , Isn’t it????

Also you can use this app to install and flash custom ROMs.

Download and Install ROM Manager from Playstore

3) Increase RAM of your Android Phone!!

Yes !! You can even Increase RAM of your android phone. Also it is very easy and convenient to apply this tweak. As you will increase RAM in android phone , it will significantly increase your processing speed so there will less or no complaints about phone getting hanged!!!

Convinced to try!!!??

Our Guide On : How to increase RAM in android phone 

 4) Overclocking your device to boost your processing Speed

Overclocking your device is an another great tweak you can apply after rooting . This would increase your device processing speed many times though heating issues may arise so try at your own risk and recommended to use in some old phone or with risk . Also better first learn about what is overclocking before applying this tweak as it may harm your device. Afyer flashing a custom ROM and kernel , you can use some overclocking apps which you can easily find in play store . Here I will recommend one .

CPU Tuner : Download and Install from Play Store

5) Uninstall Bloatware – Preinstalled apps !!

Yes , right . Are you irritated with those system apps ? Want to get rid off from bloatware – preinstalled apps?

After rooting your device it is possible.Bloatware means those apps which comes preinstalled in your device mainly company apps which cannot be uninstalled.But you can remove those apps using several after rooting apps like “Root Explorer” or “Uninstall Master” available in playstore.

My recommendation:

Root Uninstaller

 6) Block Annoying Ads!!

Most of the people get tired with the android ads imposed by some freeware android apps. Not only that , ads also pop up in browsers while surfing which really irritate us but Don’t worry . If you rooted your device then you are lucky as you can block those annoying popup demons . Can’t Believe ???

Check Out yourself .

Though Google removed almost all apps from playstore which can block such ads but here I will give you one app with download link which you can install on your device easily . Just download it and open it to install .One of the best adblocker I suggest is AdAway. I personally used  AdAway and it works great.

Download AdAway!

7) Xposed Framework and its modules – Best way to customize

Xposed framework is a great work from Android developers through which you can install many modules which works separately for many purposes and are very light weight – means they don’t need much space . Thus rather than installing separate apps for every function , you can install several modules in one framework and enjoy the pleasure of modifying your Android .

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How to install Xposed framework and its modules on your Android device

8) Backup apps with Data

You must be thinking why need rooting as you can simply backup apps without the need of rooting , but wait , though you can easily backup apps but can’t backup app data – means apps in their present state . Rooting provides this opportunity.

I am going to talk about an amazing app named – Titanium backup . It helps to backup apps along with their cache files thus you can get same settings , same preference even after reinstalling from that backup file.

Titanium Backup can also be used for removing bloatware .

Download and Install Titanium Backup from Play store

Refer our Guide on How to take full backup in android

9) Unrooting your Device

Alas ! You didn’t like rooting ?? Maybe

I really like rooted device though it doesn’t make any difference in appearance and performance if any tweaks are not applied . Thus if you find any problem , you can remove that tweak rather than unrooting your device .


10) Install Indian Fonts

Indian android device don’t come with indian languages fonts pre-installed but still you can add and install them in your Android device if you rooted your device. Rooting your device is main requirement for it. There are several languanges whose fonts you can install like Gujarati, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu etc.

Read our guide to Install Indian fonts in your Android Device

11) Install Root Apps

There are loads of apps which can transform your device to a beast though it needs root permissions. Thus I think this is also one major reason why one must root their device. You can enjoy apps like Root explorer, Adaway,Disable soft-keys, tasker etc.

Read our guide on Best apps for rooted device

Although there are still more numerous things to do after rooting your device . Gradually I will be updating this post for more tweaks and tricks . Stay tuned with us . Along with that if you know any great tweak for rooting then you are most welcome to share it with us through comments.

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  1. I have a few questions. I just bought a straight talk zte lever lte. I don’t like that o can’t change my system font so I searched on Google what I could do to change it and came across rooting.. Never knew about it before.. So I tried on my old phone I wasn’t using and went to kingroot and rooted successfully and downloaded hifont and changed font that way and it worked. But in scared to do it to my new phone seeing all that I read about phone bricking. I don’t want to mess up my phone. So since I know nothing about any of this I was wondering will just rooting and changing the system font possibly brick my phone? If not how should I do all this? I came across and the King root which was in a different language.. How do I also back up my default font? Which font installer is best to use? After rooted the app supersu or w.e. that does the grant root access for apps or however it works is there anything i need to do? Or can I leave the app alone? Only thing I want to do is just change the fontm that’s it. Don’t want to mess with anything else.. Also, say I root it with no problems and change font with no problems is there still a chance my phone could brick? I wouldn’t mess with any other settings.. Please help me! Need to know some info. I know nothing about all this stuff! Thank you!

    • Generally phone brick occurs when some problem occurs while rooting . If your phone gets rooted successfully, you don’t need to worry about bricking phone. I think default font remains in your system. There is no official rooting method specially for your device so you need to try towelroot method and kingoroot tool, yeah they come in different language but we need to figure it out our own. After installing supersu , you dont need to do anything with supersu. These rooting tools will rarely brick your device, so they are safe.

      Contact us if you need more help 🙂

  2. while using internet and wifi ,it always says unfortunatelly abode air,measure,android system has to get rid form this problem.pls help me

  3. Just few days ago I rooted my device but gravity box app is not working and xpose medules are not working also so I just need help about that please help me…..

  4. Hey guys plz help me how to root using kingroot
    And which version of kingroot is suitable for Asus zenfone 5
    I need to backup my files or not?

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