New modes and features have made traditional mode disappeared for a quite a time, but also people look forward for an upgrade in those conventional modes. One such task is Screenshot, and is one of the most used action performed. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 a magnificent piece of technology with style S pen, has a few ways to do it.

Take screenshot in Samsung Galaxy Note 8

take screenshot in note 8

Method #1 – The Sync Game (Volume Key and Power Button)

The most traditional way to do without any prerequisite, is the volume key and power, and we call it syncing method, as it can be annoying if you don’t do well. (Practice makes man perfect)

  1. Open or be on the screen you wish to capture.
  2. Hold your volume down and power button together and wait…
  3. .…. Skadoosh, the screen will flash and
  4. The you will the screen in your Screenshot album at gallery and at the notification panel for a preview

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Method #2 – The Stylus Method (S Pen)

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes with a Stylus called S pen which has a variety of functions, and one such is taking screenshot , sounds a bit awkward , but why not ?

  1. Stay at the screen you want to capture.
  2. Take out your S Pen from your breast-pocket and launch Air Command
  3. Click on the Screen Write.
  4. The screen will be captured and you will be offered various tools for edit and share.
  5. If you wish to edit, you can , and if not you can simply save it.

Method #4 – The Wave Way (Palm Swipe)

As a high tech device , Samsung has provided gesture mode which opens up a lot of functions for users and screenshot is one of them .

Prerequisite : Turn on the mode from settings

Settings >> Advanced Features >> Palm to Capture

  1. Swipe your palm across the screen .
  2. And the screen will be captured and stored into gallery .
  3. Turn Off the mode when not in use so that you don’t end up in storing many.

Method #5 – The Assistant method (Google Assistant)

Google assistant with a lot of functions, helps to even capture a screenshot.

  1. Open the content on screen which you want to capture.
  2. Hold the home button for two seconds or speak “Ok Google” to the phone as if it were human and
  3. Speak “Take a Screenshot “and the screen will be captured and stored into the gallery .

How to take Scrolling Screenshot

This feature helps you to take a continuous screenshot or a long screenshot of a web page or a document by combining multiple screenshots.

  1. Take a screenshot with any of the methods specified above.
  2. When the screenshot appears , several buttons in the bottoms will be seen
  3. Click Scroll Capture, and move to the pages you want to and capture the screen-image you want to.
  4. The screenshot will be stored in gallery and then can be shared and edited from the tools below in panel.

The Outro

Therefore as we conclude, you can see as gadgets developed, more features were added , providing users a number of options to operate. Such is the case for screenshot , a several methods are described above, use the one which you feel is efficient and handy . Happy Surfing!!!

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