Take a look at the Following Situation and See whether it has happened to you as well,

” I was having almost 90% charge on my phone before I went to sleep,
Ofcourse I wasn’t using my Phone while Sleeping,
But when I woke Up I found that the Charge left was just around 40% “

stop wakelocks in android

Chances are that you have faced such situation as well, but Have You Ever Wondered Why? The Question may have arisen in your Mind many times and that’s the reason you are here on this page reading this Article. Well, we are glad you ask us.

This is due to the fact that idle battery life isn’t exactly ideal, Well that means that Even If you are not using your Smartphone, there are certain tasks running in the background, eating your Phone’s battery like a Monster. The decline in charge varies on many factors including the Number of Applications you have installed on your Smartphone. The good thing tho is that you can easily stop these wakelocks to get the most out of your Smartphone’s battery.

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So, Now when you know the reason behind this decline in your Battery Percentage, let us take a look at its Solution, i.e. How to Stop Wakelocks from Any Android App.

How to Stop Wakelocks from Any Android App Without Root

Now when you know that you can get relief up to an extent from this unmeaningful decline in battery percentage by Stopping Wakelocks. But if you go out and search for a Method to do this, chances are you will end up landing up on a Page that says, “Root Required”. But we don’t assume that all of you guys have rooted your Smartphone.

So here we are with our Guide on How to Stop Wakelocks from Any Android App Without Root. Let us first take a look at the Pre-Requisites.


  • Your Smartphone.
  • A Windows PC or Laptop.
  • ADB Installed, you can follow our guide on How to Install ADB here.

So now when you have got all the requirements, let us take a look at the Method which we can follow to find the Apps that are draining the battery. So let us find those Culprits.

Finding the Culprit

To find which apps are draining more battery we will use this “Better Battery Stats” tool. You can download paid version from the Google Play Store or you can download the App for free from here.

The App requires Root, don’t worry we would let you use it without Root Access, just follow the below steps carefully.

  • Enable USB Debugging on your Android Smartphone by going into Settings and Developer Options.
    In case you don’t have Developer Options in your Settings, then go to Settings>> About Phone>> Tap on Build Number 7 times this will enable Developer Options in Settings.
  • Connect your Smartphone to PC via USB Cable.
  • Now Open ADB Terminal and enter the following Command to make sure that your Device is Connected.

adb devices

  • You should now see your Device on the list, now to start the adb shell, enter the following Command.

adb shell

  • Now we need to grant the Permissions for BetterBatteryStats App that you just installed. Enter the following Command to Grant BATTERY_STATS permission.

pm grant com.asksven.betterbatterystats android.permission.BATTERY_STATS

Note: If you are using Free Apk of the App then replace com.asksven.betterbatterystats with com.asksven.betterbatterystats_xdaedition

  • That’s it now you can use BetterBatteryStats App without Root.

Now, we need to find the Apps that are draining more battery, after setting up the App, charge your Phone and then leave it Screen Off for half an hour or more to let the App ready stats for you. After half an hour, just open the BetterBatteryStats Applications and you’ll be able to find the apps that are draining your Battery.

Once you open the App, select Partial Wakelocks to see What Apps are draining more battery. Note down the names of Apps.

Now it’s time to Stop Wakelocks for these Apps.

Stopping Wakelocks

Follow below Steps carefully to Stop Wakelocks from any App.

  • First of All, we will need the Package Name of the App to Stop Wakelocks from it. To find the Package Names of Apps, we will use this Free Android App called Package Name Viewer 2.0 which you can download for free from the Google Play Store.
  • Now, Connect your Smartphone to your PC via USB and Enter the Command to check if the device is connected.

adb devices

  • Now, Enter the adb shell by entering the following Command.

adb shell

  • Now go to the Package Name Viewer 2.0 App and find the Package Name of the App for which you want to Stop Wakelock for and Enter the following Command.

cmd appops set com.android.application WAKE_LOCK ignore

Do Replace the com.android.application with your Apps Package Name, let us take the Example of Snapchat, to stop Wakelocking for Snapchat, we will enter the following command.

cmd appops set com.snapchat.android WAKE_LOCK ignore

Once you have done it, the wakelock for those Apps would be ignored by the Android System, resulting in less battery draining and hence you will have a better Experience on your Android Device.

In case you are facing any issue or have any query, then let us know in the Comments Section down below.


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