screen brokenA Korean research team has developed a new self-healing material, which they have termed as Elastomer. The USP about this material is that it has a very high tensile strength and is able to self-heal itself at room temperature. Although it is good that we’ve moved one step ahead towards the future, but it is highly unlikely that this would be available to the public anytime soon.

In midst of all the technologies like wireless changing are making things convenient for users, it would be interesting to see how this tech is received by the users. Big smartphones like iPhone X, or the Samsung Galaxy S8, it is evident that glass construction is back. With both glass construction and wireless charging, things get big smart and convenient but there is a serious durability issue. Compared to aluminum, glass is certainly more prone to damage. Certainly, no one would like to lose a very expensive smartphone.

If the tech discovered by the Koren research institute of chemical technology comes to life, you might never fear to break your screen again. Elastomer also has the highest level of tensile strength. If you aren’t familiar with the term, tensile strength refers to the resistance of the material to snap or break under tension. In laymen terms, the elastomer is able to heal itself while maintaining its strength to be used in smartphones and other areas.

According to the researchers, this material can be put to use as a protective layer on smartphones. From its experiments, the layer was able to  “automatically restore any outside cracks within 30 minutes.”

Despite how awesome it is, it is unlikely to come out for the public yet. But this sure gives us a hope, and glimpse of what future has for us in terms of smartphone durability and features.

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