Samsung has been rumored to be working on a foldable display Smartphone for a very long time now. Even though we expect Samsung to launch a device with a foldable display every year, we have been lately receiving reports that Samsung would finally launch a foldable display Smartphone in 2018 with the name Samsung Galaxy X.

As CES is the best place to showcase new tech and gain mass hype, we expected Samsung to showcase at least a demo that will closely resemble the upcoming Samsung Galaxy X.

Even though Samsung did not make any public demo of the device, few sources state that Samsung “secretly” did showcase a foldable display Smartphone to a few.


The device featuring a 7.3-inch panel had an aspect ratio of about 21:9 and folded in half. We already have leaked patent info suggesting a similar device from Samsung. However, unlike the patents where the display folds inwards, the sources who saw the device state that the display folded outwards.

It is also reported that Samsung officials at the demo said that the inwards foldable display tech still faces challenges when it comes to durability and that these issues will be completely removed in the later generations of the device.

Sources also state that the development of the foldable display will begin by March 2018 and the manufacturing of the panel will begin by September 2018. By November 2018, Samsung will reportedly begin the mass production of the device featuring the foldable display, allegedly titled Samsung Galaxy X.

Not just Samsung, but many other manufacturers are also rumored to have secretly showcased their own version of foldable display tech at CES 2018 to get consumer reaction.


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