Case manufacturers are among the first ones to know about the design of an upcoming Smartphone in order to stay prepared and they are the first sources from whom we get to know the designs of upcoming Smartphones.

Case manufacturers like MobileFun, Olixar, and Ghostek have already released the render images of clear and rugged cases for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ and these designs provide all design details on both the devices. Talking about the authenticity, these case manufacturers do have a track record of successfully predicting designs of previous Galaxy devices.


As per the render images, the Galaxy S9 will feature a single rear camera whereas the Galaxy S9+ will feature vertically aligned dual-camera setup in the rear.


Also, Samsung is finally changing the location of the fingerprint scanner to the bottom of the camera sensors beside the heart rate sensor, where it will be better accessible than the current inconvenient position on the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+.

The dual-camera setup on the Galaxy S9+ will be something new from Samsung when it comes to differentiating the “Plus” and “Non-Plus” variants of the Galaxy S flagships as until now, the only difference between them was the display and battery sizes.


This differentiation comes because Samsung wants to expand their flagship lineup in 2018 to feature 3 separately marketable devices, the regular Galaxy S, the Plus Galaxy S and the Galaxy Note.

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