If you are a great fan of Apple iphone but can’t afford then don’t worry , now you can run ios on Android without root using ios emulator for android for free.

The Apple’s iOS versus Google’s Android has reached a new scale of competition, and it has become a profitable and advantageous business especially for the users of Android. In addition to enjoying endless free applications (mostly unpaid),  you can add the surplus amount of fun running the iOS emulator on Android wherein, the iOS applications directly run on Android. It brings immense flexibility of the Android platform, bringing to its millions of users located worldwide the possibility to tweak its OS as per the user demand,

Some Android apps are available only on the Google Play Store, and likewise, the iOS-based apps can be accessed from the Apple’s App Store. Many apps can be run on both platforms. However, there are some cross-platform restrictions for iOS apps that are not available on Android and vice-versa.

Update– Cider & iEMU stopped working, you won’t able to get the iOS apps or anything related to iPhone on your Android device.

In spite of so many whims and privileges that an iPhone or iPad brings, there is certainly no match for Android. As a once upon a time Apple user, you might want to have some of those cherished apps running on your currently used Android device as well, say the iMessages or FaceTime feature may be?

Well, we have good news for y’all! You can now live the experience of iOS on Android, using the iOS Emulator. Let’s find out what it is & how it works!

How To Run Apple iOS On Android With iOS Emulators

iOS emulator for android

iOS Emulator Requirements

It is free & easy to download and is also compatible with any Android device. Some of the distinguished features are-

  • Video Acceleration: shared kernel driver with associated X driver: OpenGL, ES, EDL
  • Storage: 61MB for application files.
  • Compatability: 2.3 Android version or latest.
  • HDMI: Video output with secondary frame buffer device.
  • USB host mode.
  • Save game data.
  • More than 512MB RAM for better performance.

There are two free iOS emulator for android. Download either the iEMU APK or Cider APK to emulate iOS apps onto Android.

1) Cider APK – iOS Emulator #1:

iOS emulator
Image Credits: 4G Trick

Researchers at Columbia University (USA) led by Professor Jason Nieh and five PhD candidates at the Department of Computer Science have developed Cider, a layer of compatibility between iOS and Android.

The app seems to be running on iOS while it interacts with another operating system. Cider converts iOS commands to the equivalent Android readable commands since the two are based on different platforms.

Just follow the steps below for Android device, and enjoy the magnificence:

Settings→ Security → Enable “Unknown sources.”

   Download Cider APK

Open the downloaded APK file.

Click Install.

Tap Done when finished.

A little more about Cider:

Converting iOS commands to Android in real-time demands a lot of the processing power and OpenGL allows graphical acceleration by hardware.

Also, it ‘s hard to use certain specific hardware features, such as Bluetooth and cellular connection and camera. Fortunately, it’s not impossible; the team managed to “translate” GPS commands between iOS and Android, for example.

Still, it’s quite impressive what this prototype can do, and the team will continue to upgrade the application pack Cider.

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2) iEMU APK – iOS Emulator #2

Here’s how to download the iEMU APK-

iOS emulator
Image Credits: Tech Discussion Forums

To Download the iEMU APK:

  • Download the iEMU APK.

Download iEMU apk

  • Save the file to your preferred storage location.
  • Open the saved file.
  • Click on ‘Install the iEMU Emulator.’
  • After installation, the app will appear as a PADIOD in your Android device.
  • Press the PADIOD icon and start using iOS Apps and Games on your Android Device.

Note: The PADIOD iOS Emulator supports only iPas & Zip files.

What comes next?

Once the installation is complete and everything is working, you can begin to enjoy the unlimited range of applications. But, this process serves multipurpose, i.e., if an app is available on both platforms through the Play store and App store runs differently on each device and you prefer using it on the iOS rather than Android, then you can use the iOS Emulator and run it on Android.

The iOS emulator for Android mimics the binary application interface of a free operating system. This leaves room for an Android device to run an unmodified iOS app. The emulator looks real while using the apps, delivering the same experience.

It is evident to wonder why certain apps are exclusive to iOS like Podcast, iMessages, iTunes, FaceTime, iCloud, etc., you may be wondering why it would be possible to find an app made for iOS, but that is not available for Android.

The compelling reasons include Apple’s ambience. Most users in conjunction with developers prefer Apple’s controlled environment, regarding privacy and security. For those who are not so into Apple’s high quality and maintenance, or for its elite costing, prefer to choose Android-based phones, but end up losing so much on impressive features.

iOS Emulator for Android

The above reasons give a considerable advantage to Android consumers who wish to have an iOS application experience before they decide to purchase an iPhone or iPad. This emphasises the architectural design that makes them enjoyable.


Although this article refers to a particular tool, iOS emulator for Android, there are other options available, and there are those still under development of iOS emulators for Android. Therefore, giving an ample choice with a possibility to find even some that are for sale or are entirely free.

Most of the Android iOS emulator tools have specific guidelines on how to use them so that the procedure may vary depending on the app. The best option is always to compare them on an experimental basis or even search for comments by clients, and that will give you a general understanding of both the advantages and disadvantages of the tools.

This is our coverage on the iOS emulator for Android, where we discussed the two popularly used application packages, Cider and iEMU and their respective installation methods.

If you have experience with using them or downloading, share with us and the community down in the comments section.

We would truly appreciate if you spread the word and share with all your Android buddies to read the article and follow the instructions on how to use the iOS emulator on their Android.


  1. I’m sorry… I am a little confused. Do apps such as FaceTime and iMessage work on Android phones with these emulators? Is it easy to switch between the two operating systems, once the emulator is installed?

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