The Galaxy Note 8 is the latest addition to the hugely popular Note series from Samsung.
There are 2 variants of the Note 8 available: 1) The Exynos chipset version (SM-950F/FD/N) and 2) The Snapdragon chipset variant (SM-N950U/U1 USA, SM-N950W Canada, SM-N9500 China/HK). The Note 8 is an extremely powerful and capable device, and if you are an advanced user, the first thing you might want to do once you get your hands on it, would be to Root the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Be it for advanced customization, or just to remove Samsung proprietary bloatware, or experiment with custom ROMs, root access is a must have for any advanced user.

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While one can follow the standard root process of flashing TWRP custom recovery and then flash root either with SuperSU or Magisk, here’s an alternate method you could use to root your Note 8 (Exynos). This process is a lot easier, and involves much fewer steps and absolutely zero need to use the pesky button combo’s to boot into TWRP recovery, which can be quite a task if you are flashing TWRP for the first time.

This method uses Magisk, which is the current and future Root Manager of chice, since Chainfire has stopped development work on SuperSU and handed over the project to a different team.

So let’s get started!!


This guide is intended for the Exynos version of the Note 8. Do not try this on the Snapdragon version, it may brick the device.

On the phone

1) Enable Developer Options by going to Settings > About > Software Information. Tap Build Number 7 times
2) Open Settings > Developer Options & enable OEM Unlock & USB debugging. Also un-check Verify Apps over USB
3) This process involves a full data wipe (This is standard with all Samsung devices running 7.0 or above with the exception of the Galaxy S6/S6 Edge/Edge+ and the Note 5). So please backup all your important data in advance
4) Magisk Manager 5.4.0 installed – DOWNLOAD

On the PC

1) Samsung Drivers installed – DOWNLOAD
2) Download Odin 3.12 – DOWNLOAD
3) Stock boot image corresponding to your build number. You can get it from

How to Root the Galaxy Note 8 (Exynos) the easy way

1) On your PC, download the stock boot image corresponding to your device build number. Select the .img option
2) Copy the downloaded stock boot image from Step 1, to the internal storage of your phone
3) Open the MagiskManager app on the phone
4) In Magisk Manager, tap the hamburger icon at the top left, then select Settings
5) Look for Patched Boot Output Format, tap it and change it to .img.tar
6) Press the Back button once to exit Settings
7) In Magisk Manager, tap the INSTALL button , then click Install & select Patch Boot Image File
8) This will open up a file manager. Click the 3 dots at the top right, and tap Show Internal storage
9) Now tap the Hamburger icon at the top left, and select your Internal Storage
10) Scroll down and look for the Stock boot image you copied over in Step 2
11) Tap the stock boot image file, it will ask permission for Magisk Manager to access your internal storage, tap Allow
12) It will then start downloading the Magisk 14 zip file, and open up a script window automatically.
13) Wait for MagiskManager to patch the stock boot image, once the process is complete, tap Close
14) Now on your PC, Open the Galaxy S8 using Explorer, navigate to the MagiskManager folder. You should see a file named patched_boot.img.tar
15) Copy this tar file over to your desktop
16) Now unplug and turn off your device. Then press and hold Volume Down + Bixby + Power till you get a warning screen.
17) Press Volume Up at the warning screen, to enter Download Mode
18) Now plug in your Note 8 to the USB port on your PC/Laptop
29) Open Odin 3.12.10 Click AP, and select the patched_boot.img.tar file you copied over to the desktop in Step 15
21) In Odin, click Start, this will flash the patched boot image to your phone & it will reboot automatically
22) During the reboot, you may get a Verification Failed error, just hit the Reset button that is displayed.
23) This will automatically erase and format your data. This is essential to disable the forced encryption on Android 7.0 +
24) Once the device boots up, go ahead with the Setup. Once done, re-install the MagiskManager app.
25) Install Root Checker from the play store, and run it. Allow the superuser request from Magisk Manager.
26) It will tell you that the device has full root access.

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How to install TWRP Recovery

1) Download the TWRP image file for your device – DOWNLOAD . (Please note this has to be the .img file and not the .img.tar file)
2) Rename it to twrp.img and copy it over to the internal storage on your phone
3) On your PC, download nano_ADB – DOWNLOAD. Extract the zip file to a folder
4) Open the nano_ADB folder. Then Shift + Right click > Open command window here
5) In the CMD prompt that opens up type

 adb devices

6) You should get an Authorization prompt on y  phone. Check the “Always Allow From This Computer” box, then tap Okay
7) Now type in the following commands one-by-one and hit enter after each one

adb shell
  (After typing this, tap Allow to the superuser request on the phone)
dd if=/sdcard/twrp.img of=/dev/block/platform/11120000.ufs/by-name/RECOVERY (Copy paste this command)

8) That’s it, you have installed TWRP recovery on your Note 8.
9) To check, simply repeat Step 4, and type in the command

adb reboot recovery

That should boot the phone directly into the TWRP screen.

I have tried to make this guide on How to Root the Galaxy Note 8 as detailed as possible, so that absolutely nothing gets missed out. It just looks longer than the time it actually takes to perform all the steps. If you encounter any issues or hurdles, feel free to let us know in the comments section below, and we would be happy to help you out.

Enjoy your rooted Galaxy Note 8.

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