In this tutorial, we will be covering How to root oneplus 3 or oneplus 3t and install TWRP recovery in oneplus 3 using computer adb fastboot.

The smartphone technology has been a worldwide revolution since its existence. Anything we think of can now be done with the help of one touch. And accordingly, there is various OS that is being introduced for e.g. the Android, IOS, Windows and much more. But the one that has taken the market by storm is the Android O.S. Now there are many mobile companies who are gaining the limelight because of their extraordinary features but then there’s one Smartphone that has occupied the business in the Android Smartphone category and that is the Oneplus smartphones.

root oneplus 3

Oneplus one was unveiled on 2014 as their first Smartphone and thereupon oneplus two, oneplus x, oneplus 3, oneplus 3T and one plus 5 got introduced whereas Oneplus 5 is yet to be released and in talks, the one plus 3 and one plus 3t has taken the Smartphone market by storm. Oneplus 3 is the first metal unibody Smartphone of One plus range and has QUALCOMM Snapdragon 820 along with 64GB of internal storage capacity. The one plus 3T is much more like its predecessor but with some eye-catching update like the Snapdragon 820 got replaced by Snapdragon 821 along with higher capacity battery and 64GB/128GB internal storage variants. If you want to buy a Oneplus phone, you need to get an invite from any of its customers or authority personal first of all.

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Rooting is the way of unlocking various features that will help you to develop your smartphone. Nowadays many apps that are used to get some extra resources in games or sometimes hack another app are being used with the help of rooting. Now to root Oneplus 3 or one plus 3t is very easy and you can do it your own but while rooting oneplus 3, you have to be very careful cause any wrong move can make your Smartphone dead.


Although rooting is very simple yet for some, it’s a bit complicated. Now here are few things to note before rooting oneplus 3 device.

  • To root OnePlus 3 or OnePlus 3T, we need oneplus 3 or 3t mobile phone
  • Windows, Mac or Linux computer
  • USB data cable “Developer options” enabled
  • ADB and Fastboot installed
  • A fast and active internet connection
  • Download TWRP accordingly and also download the SuperSu

Steps to root oneplus 3 or oneplus 3t using TWRP Recovery

Step#1: Unlocking the Bootloader | Enable OEM unlocking on your device

  • Before starting the rooting process you need to ensure that you have enabled the OEM unlocking on your device and thus unlock the boot loader to ensure that the process we apply does not get failed.
  • You can do it by simply visiting the developer mode option and clicking on the Unlock OEM on your device. Once you are done with unlocking your OEM, you can proceed to the boot loader menu.
  • To unlock the bootloader of your device and connect it to your computer using the data cable and open the command prompt.
  • Next, you have to change the platform tools folder which is in your ADB and fast boot installation directory.
  • You can change your directory by typing cd<folder location>. Here the folder location is the full directory.
  • After you are in the directory type in the command “fast boot flashing unlock” and hit boot flashing unlock
  • After that, you will see a message on your Smartphone screen where you have to confirm by pressing “yes” using the volume keys.

Step#2: Flash TWRP Recovery and Root Oneplus 3

  • Next, you need to install the TWRP in the phone memory.

            Download TWRP for the OnePlus 3 (.img)  or  Download TWRP for the OnePlus 3T (.img)

  • This will replace the traditional android recovery menu into something from where we can access to any corner of our Smartphone.
  • Download the TWRP image file separately for one plus 3 and one plus 3t device.
  • Next, in the command prompt, you have to type in a command. You can drag and drop the dmg file of TWRP after a single space after the previous command and you will get something like this after the previous command C:\twrp-3.1.0-0-oneplus3.img.oneplus 3 flash recovery
  • Reboot to TWRP to root oneplus 3 device.

Step#3: Install the

  • To successfully root oneplus 3 device you need to install the supersu. You can download latest SuperSU zip
  • Go to the recovery mode and press the power button to reboot to TWRP and next from the main menu of TWRP select ADB Sideload. To begin side loading process swipe the button on lower left.install twrp recovery in oneplus 3
  • Choose advanced and the choose ADB side load from the menu as shown here.twrp oneplus 3 1 twrp oneplus 3 2
  • Then go to the command prompt and type in “C:\platform-tools>adb sideload” in your computer.oneplus 3 supersu
  • Then after a single space drag and drop the supersu file in the command prompt and hit enter.

Step#4: Check if the device is rooted successfully or not

  • After the process gets completed reboot your system and it may be that your system may take a longer time to reboot but that is totally normal.
  • After rebooting confirm your root by opening the supersu app from the app menu. If there is no error message after opening then your device has successfully rooted.


Although rooting is not said to be done while you are in your guarantee period because then your guarantee will be null and invalid. Rooting actually, means tampering with the configuration of the device that was fit deemed for you by the company so that no security breach occurs but when you are rooting the device you are making the device vulnerable. But for some users root their mobile for developing purpose and they already have another personal mobile such that in any case, mobile gets dead then there would be no problem.

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