Motorola recently owned by Chinese Company Lenovo is doing amazing job with its Moto X and G versions. Its 2nd Generation phones also grabbed high share in lower market and competing toughly with other competitors. Motorola is known for its quick update of android OS in their android smartphones. Recently as soon as Google released Android lollipop in the market, Motorola also gradually released Lollipop update to Moto X and Moto G 1st and 2nd Generation users. It is coming in several phases in different countries.

root moto x moto g 1st/2nd gen android lollipop

Chainfire known for android rooting tool is also not behind and surprisingly picked the line with immediate release of root tool for lollipop. It launched tools for many phone brands including Motorola. Few Days ago, it announced via twitter that it released root tools for motorola devices running Android Lollipop.

Rooting has many benefits like You can install custom ROMS, modify many functions, and also perform many tweaks which is not possible without root.

So lets Root Moto X/ Moto G 1st or 2nd Gen running on Android lollipop and open the doors for limitless customization.


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Benefits of Rooting your Android Smartphone

Disclaimer:  TheDroidWay is not responsible for any kind of damage happening to your device as rooting may violate warranty and may brick your device. Though we are committed to help you as much as possible but we do not promote any illegal activity. Try at your own risk and follow every instruction as close as possible.



Root Moto G and Moto X on Android 5.0 Lollipop 

  • First of all Unlock Bootloader from HERE | If you cannot understand how to do that, contact us, we will personally help you.
  •  Reboot your Moto Device in Bootloader mode. For that, while restarting, press and Hold Power + Volume Down button and then enter bootloader mode from the menu.
  • Now extract the file after downloading from above given link in your PC.
  • Now connect your Moto device to your computer.
  •  Now, run “Root-windows.bat” file from the extracted folder and wait for few minutes.
  • This will open root interface in your computer.
  • From here, follow the on-screen instructions and root your Moto Device.
  • After the completion, unplug the wire and restart your device.

You successfully rooted your Moto Smartphone using CF-Auto Root tool. Follow our blog to know amazing tweaks after rooting android phone.



Alternative method for Rooting Moto G2 – 1064 (US/Canada GSM)


  • Download this:
  • You need ADB and Fastboot to be installed in your PC.Refer this Guide to install adb and fastboot
  • Open a terminal on your PC and reboot the device into fastboot mode by typing
    adb reboot bootloader
    or by using the hardware key combination for your device while it is powered off.
  • Then Enter this to boot image and root moto g - fastboot flash boot xt1064_lollipop_boot.img
  •  Flash SuperSU


If still you have any problem, contact us. We are committed to help you.

Feel free to comment below or contact us directly for any problems.


  1. Hi All…

    I am so fed up now. I have a MOTO G 2nd Gen XT 1068 on Lollipop. I tried to root it and i think i have managed to root it through the steps shown on MOTOROLA website. In the bootloader My device says UNLOCKED. also in the bootloader when i select the option RECOVERY, nothing happens though i have installed the zip file of superSU and TW file in the internal memory of the phone.

    what does this mean ? is it rooted yet ? It also shows the RED disclaimer when the phone is restarted that my phone is unlocked and the 3rd party softwares may be harmful etc etc ….

    I tried installing SuperSU 2.39 and 2.46…but it says No binary found. Also the app ROOT CHECKER says the device is not rooted…..

    please advise what am i doing wrong……thank you much.

  2. hello all…

    I hope i can find advise as i have had enough and fed up. I have MOTO G 2nd Gen XT1068 (dual sim-UK) which was auto upgraded to lollipop 5.0.2.

    I managed to Unlock the bootloader through CF auto titan or somthing like that, THEN RUNNING THE ROOT.BAT FILE FROM THE pc, THEN CONNECT THE PHONE AND ALL

    THAT. In the bootloader it says DEVICE UNLOCKED AND I HAD TO GET THE UNLOCK KEY FROM MOTOROLA WEBSITE….. however, i have a zip file of superSU 2.39 and

    2.42 (i think) installed in the internal memory….storage/emulated/0///directory ….but the phone still wont install custom ROM. i even installed the app



  3. Hey, Parth. I am trying to root my Moto G XT1064. However, when I enter the command “fastboot flash boot xt1064_lollipop_boot.img”, I get the message:
    Preflash validation failed

    I used Minimal ADB and Fastboot. Your help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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