Mi A1 is a budget beast by Xiaomi, excellent software combined with stock Android is a sure shot recipe for success. Not everyone enjoys stock android and for them we have today’s guide, lets see how you can root your Mi a1 and install TWRP on your device to flash some of the juiciest Roms out there for your device like Lineage OS 15.1

Before we start do keep in mind that this process can brick your device and break it in irreparable ways. You have been warned.


Install TWRP on your Mi A1

  1. Enable OEM unlocking and USB debugging from developer options
  2. Download both the TWRP Installer and Magisk from above and copy to your phone’s internal storage preferably in the root folder
  3. Boot the device to fastboot mode (Hold Volume down and power button together)
  4. Connect your Mi A1 to the PC
  5. Copy the TWRP recovery file to your ADB folder
  6. Now in any empty space in the folder hold Shift and Right click. Then tap open Powershell Window here or Terminal Window here whatever gives us command prompts
  7. To check if your device is successfully recognised type
    “fastboot devices” (without quotes)
  8. If it is recognised then move over to the next step. If not retrace your steps and rectify the mistakes.
  9. Go on to install TWRP now. Simply key in
    “fastboot boot recovery-3.2.1-1.img”
  10. If it went successfully your device should boot into TWRP menu (If it doesn’t then skip the next few steps)
  11. On the Installer screen hit install and navigate to the downloaded TWRP on your device
  12. Hit install and swipe to confirm.
  13. Once done press reboot system button and you’re all set.
  14. If everything is successful move over to installing Magisk. If not then read along.

TWRP not working? Try this

If after Step 9 your phone didn’t go to the TWRP installer then your phone need to be put to the alternative slot due to the A/B partition on the Mi A1. to do this follow these steps.

  1. By holding the Power Button and the Volume Down (-) key simultaneously boot into fastboot mode
  2. Connect the device to the PC
  3. Open the powershell window by going to any folder and right clicking while holding shift.
  4. To change from Slot A to Slot B in the powershell window type
    fastboot set_active b
  5. If the device is in slot B then change it to slot A by typing
    fastboot set_active a
  6. When completed follow the TWRP installation method from the above step again to install TWRP.

Steps to Root MI A1

  1. Switch off the phone and boot into TWRP by Holding the Volume Up and Power button together.
  2. When in TWRP, hit Install and Navigate to Magisk
  3. Hit install and swipe to confirm
  4. Once done reboot to system and you will reboot back into the system and gain full root access.

If you would prefer to root your phone using a different method then we also have the Super Su zip available for download from this link. Just flash it via TWRP recovery and you’re good to go!

We hope this method help you get root access on your device and install TWRP on your device. If you face any problems do let us know down in the comments and we will try to help you out.

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