Lost a file on your Android device? There is no need to be disappointed and write it off as lost. The modern pace of life requires an advanced approach to solving such an issue, that’s why many applications cope with such tasks. If both an individual or businesses requires the usage of designated helper, Disk Drill will do its best, for example, to recover deleted messages from Android. Want to try? Check how it contributes to saving documents from their permanent deleting.

How Does It Work?

Being an independent platform, it allows any potential seekers to easily turn to recovery within a few seconds after the application. Besides, it perfectly fits when people need to recover deleted files from an Android device on Mac. Here is a guide to the process:

  1. Boot up the application.
  2. Pick up a location that should be scanned. Disk Drill works with both full hard-drive or partial quick scanning. If a user initiates a full HD scanning, it takes up to 3 hours but only depending on the capacity of the drive, and on how much data is stored there. If choosing deep scanning, it will take 1 hour. And, if a quick scan is launched, the results generated are within 10 seconds. Of course, if there is a need to find various deleted files, prepare to wait for some time to get the best results.
  3. Wait until it finishes. For instance, when Disk Drill starts to recover deleted photos from Android, a person may see tabs on this progress. And, there is an indicator of time when the scanning started, and how much time left to finish.
  4. Check available files. When the process is still running, there is an option to preview available files and come with an idea of the necessity of their recovery.
  5. Choose what to restore. A person can whether restore one document or all of them. This Mac solution will only require to pick up the location where ready files should be transferred to.
  6. Enjoy the results.

Moreover, Samsung data recovery software perfectly deals with Word Doc, Video, and partition recovery.

What Files Does It Support on Android?

What is good about Disk Drill is that it does not require expert skills to recover the files. There are few instructions, and accordingly, only a few buttons to initiate the process and restore the photos or messages from Android. But, the next question that arises is whether it supports particular formats. As of now, being among 5 best software solutions on the market, Disc Drill supports over 200 file types and multiple document formats. What are they?

When a person needs to restore documents, in particular, it copes with Docs, Excel, PDF, and even Powerpoint types. When images are lost on your Android device, do not worry about JPG, PNG, Photoshop, and Illustrator formats. If speaking of audio and videos, there are options to recover MP3, MPEG-4, Wav, Quicktime, and Avi. And, at last, if there is archive missing, Gzip, Rar can be returned.

What About Pricing Plan?

When choosing among various applications in the PlayMarket, there are plenty of free of charge and paid tools. But, unfortunately, most of the feedback below the description of the product is fake. Such a trick is performed by vendors and soft developers to attract clients, and earn as much money as possible. Never try to believe all you read. To check whether one or another tool is helpful with recovering files on Android, it is necessary to check its free version.

Disk Drill offers potential users to recover data up to 500MB for free, only after that, it is possible to choose a pricing plan. Do not hesitate about this free amount of MB, it is quite enough to initiate full-drive scanning or conduct a few quick scans. Then, a person can choose the paid version, and pay $4 per month only. If choosing a yearly plan, it will be $49.

Besides, if there are any hesitations or inquiries about a particular scanning option or you need to recover not mentioned file type on a mobile device, contact the customer support team, or email them. They answer within a few minutes, and you can continue restoring everything that you think was lost permanently. Install Disk Drill now, and enjoy advanced features for free.

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