Why should you install a parental control app on your child’s iPhone?

Today, the number of dangers that can threaten your little child who uses the iPhone is very large. This article was created so that you would be warned when buying an iPhone for your child or let him use it for regular use. Just be on the lookout and everything will be fine. Also in the article we will talk about the specialty of the parental control application, which will help protect your children.

Insults, harassment

Imagine that you are walking down the street and a smiling grandmother with her dog is walking toward you. And suddenly, as you approach you, she begins to pour curses all over you: she criticizes your hair, your clothes, your gait, the shape of your nose, and in general she behaves in an unseemly manner.

Why should you install a parental control app on your child’s iPhone?

In real life, such situations are extremely rare, but on the Internet, they happen very often. And now a child posts a YouTube video or a social networking photo on his iPhone, and someone leaves offensive comments underneath.

What to do

If the child tells you that he or she is being abused on the Internet on his or her iPhone, do not respond in an angry tone of voice under any circumstances.

Unfortunate would be another answer: “Come on, it’s just a comment. It’s nothing, never mind.” So you only show that a parent will not bother with such a small thing, as the child’s worries.

Be sure to listen. Together send a complaint about the comments that upset him or her, or delete them. Show how to block bullies and add them to a blacklist.

Dangerous experiments

Why should you install a parental control app on your child’s iPhone?

You went to work, and the child saw enough videos on Mount Athos on how to make a cannon that shoots potatoes, or how to experiment with vinegar, and decided to experiment. As a result, there was a hole in the kitchen table, and the child burned his fingers. It’s good that he didn’t burn down the apartment.

Of course, it’s more important for bloggers to make a funny and engaging video than a scientific and serious one. Therefore, they often disregard safety rules and motivate child spectators to do the same. Everything looks great on the screen, but in reality the child is putting himself and those around him in danger.

What to do

Watch these videos with your child. Draw his attention to safety precautions and to the fact that such experiments can only be carried out with the warning of the parents. Speak in advance what you can do without you (for example, experiments with salt dissolution), and what you cannot under any circumstances.


You taught your child to use the search engine on his iPhone, and now he can not only search the Internet for materials for essays, but also to download music or games. And then the iPhone begins to slow down and hang, and every now and then there are advertising banners on the screen, blocking all work (and it’s good if it’s not with adult content).

What to do

Firstly, make sure that you install an antivirus on your iPhone.

Second, ask your child what he or she needs to download: pictures, music, or videos? Together make a list of sites that you trust. Agree that your child will download anything without you only from there, and if in doubt, let him ask you first. Also think about what kind of content your child consumes. If you watch shows on Netflix or listen to music on Apple Store yourself, set up a separate profile for your child. A good option is to set up a family subscription.

Content for adults

Children do not always get to this content on their iPhones consciously. It happens that a child was looking for pictures of trains, but came across a photo with a dead person. And sometimes a child realizes that anything can be found on the Internet, and starts looking for something specifically, such as explicit photos and videos.

What to do

We advise taking the age of the child into account. For children under 9, block adult content with parental control software. If kids are older, the choice is yours: either continue blocking or remove the controls and accept the risks. This doesn’t mean you should close your eyes and let your child watch whatever he or she wants. It means understanding that a child may accidentally or intentionally find adult content on an iPhone, and realizing that their psyche is mature enough to process it.

The minimum we recommend is to set Google’s safe search mode and YouTube’s safe mode. And check your search history in your browser from time to time.


If the child began to ask more often to put money on the iPhone, it is possible that he accidentally signed up for a paid service that withdraws money every day. Or maybe a social network page on an iPhone was stolen from him.

Children do not always realize that intangible things – passwords, keys – have real value. This is what Internet fraudsters use. Getting hit is pretty simple:

  • Send SMS with a message to a specific number of another iPhone. This is enough to activate a paid service.
  • Transfer bank card details. This is enough to make a purchase on the Internet. By the way, even if you have configured confirmation of purchases from an iPhone, it is not required for foreign stores – money can be written off without confirmation.
  • Enter the password on an open Wi-Fi network or on someone else’s computer. If you neglected the security measures, your social media account or mail could be taken away.

What to do

You should carefully monitor your child, explain to him that earning money is not so easy. Also, clarify that paid applications are sometimes dangerous and you need to ask your parents for permission. You can also use the parental control application.

Reliable and secure parental control app for your child –  mSpy

Why should you install a parental control app on your child’s iPhone?

Child safety is a top priority for any parent. And while you can do your best to keep an eye on your child, there are certain aspects of their life that you just won’t be able to see or control. That’s where mSpy comes in. With this parental control app, you’ll have access to all the information about what your child is doing with their phone and who they’re communicating with – whether it’s coming from school, home, or anywhere else!

What is mSpy ? 

mSpy lets you monitor your child’s smartphone use, no matter where they are. It works on both iPhone and Android devices, giving you access to all the information that goes in and out of their phone – call logs (including outgoing calls), SMS messages (sent & received), GPS location tracking, browsing history , calendar entries, photos taken with the camera , email exchanges … You’ll even be able to view deleted records !

With mSpy parental control app for iOS or Android phones , it doesn’t matter if they delete their activity because you will still have full monitoring capabilities . This is thanks to advanced cloud technology which stores everything securely online so there’s always a backup copy available when needed!

mSpy features

  • Target phone information tracking:  You’ll be able to see the device’s name, model, OS version, IMEI number and other important details.
  • Incoming and outgoing call tracking:  View all incoming and outgoing calls with duration, time of call and contact information.
  • Text message tracking:  Monitor SMS messages sent & received (even if they’re deleted), including the full text content and contact info.
  • Email tracking:  See all emails sent & received on the target phone, along with the date, time and contact info for each one.
  • Calendar access:  View your child’s calendar entries (including dates, times and location) as well as add new ones yourself.
  • Contact information access:  View the phone’s contacts list and track all calls, messages & emails between your child and their friends.
  • Physical location tracking:  MSpy is able to monitor the physical locations of a smartphone using Google Maps™ technology . You can view where they are now as well as check out historical data from previous days, weeks or months!

In most countries , including those in Europe (where privacy laws tend to be stricter), there is no law preventing you from monitoring what goes on with your own device – whether that means installing software like this one or simply checking up for yourself ! While some non-government organizations might oppose such practices, many parents would likely argue that it’s a parent’s responsibility to keep their child safe and informed about potential dangers.


If you’re looking for a reliable, secure and user-friendly parental control app, mSpy is the perfect choice! With this app, you can track all activity on your child’s iPhone or Android device – including calls, texts, emails, photos and more! And because it uses cloud technology , you’ll always have access to the latest data even if your child tries to delete their tracks . So don’t wait any longer – download mSpy now and start keeping your family safe!

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