The OnePlus 5T was released within just 5 months from the OnePlus 5, which left many OnePlus 5 owners disappointed for not having the tiny bezels and face unlock that was featured on the OnePlus 5T. As the face unlock is a software feature on the OnePlus 5T, the company have been getting a lot of requests asking them to bring it to the OnePlus 5.

In response, OnePlus CEO Mr. Carl Pei has confirmed on Twitter that the OnePlus 5 will indeed get the face unlock feature in a future software update.

No specific date has been provided as to when to expect the rollout and whether older OnePlus models will get the feature (which is very unlikely!).


Akhil is a CSE undergrad from Kerala and is a tech lover. He loves to stay updated about everything in the Android space and equally loves to share his findings here with other Androiders!

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