There are more than 2.7 billion smartphone users around the world so it makes sense that a company seeking to penetrate the marketplace would want to have a mobile marketing presence. However, the same rules that govern digital marketing for people with a laptop are remarkably different for mobile devices. The reality is that mobile marketing has reshaped the world of digital marketing, and paradigms that were once the standard are now passé. Instead, what people who are in digital marketing need is a new set of tools for their toolboxes. This means understanding how people use this emerging technology and if nearly 3 billion people are using mobile devices, then this is a segment that is begging to be tapped into.

There are plenty of theories behind mobile marketing, but what has emerged are a clear set of ideas that help businesses get their message out to the world. There are so many methods of mobile marketing, and they can include SMS messages, QR codes, push notifications, in-app advertisements and so much more. The reality is that mobile phones have several access points for marketing to penetrate. Therefore, it is imperative that digital marketing professionals understand the different areas where mobile marketing can be a massive boon to your business and to your customers. Understanding mobile marketing gets you on the cutting edge of reaching out to your customers and potential new customers.

Why You Need Mobile Marketing

The reality is in today’s world nearly half of all adults own a smartphone or other type of mobile device. This means you have a massive marketplace to showcase your wares to. Obviously, in a world of nearly 8 billion people you are not going to reach all 4 billion with a smartphone, but you are going to reach the segment of the market you are looking for. Also, it is important to get it out of your head that only the developed nations are the places to use mobile marketing. Developed nations have a lot of opportunity, but the truth is emerging economies actually rely on their mobile devices much more than people in developed nations.

Mobile devices are the primary area in which people access the internet to play games, check on their social networking, and all sorts of other things as well including using their apps. Getting people on the go also helps them make purchases with your company. The reality is impulse purchasing is a great driver of revenue, and when you do mobile marketing, people seeing things on their mobile devices are more inclined to make these types of purchases.

In-App Mobile Marketing

Most of the time people spend on their phone is when using apps. Therefore, it is imperative to have in-app marketing to monetize what you are doing. There are a couple great ways to make sure that you are getting your marketing done via the apps, and that is with Google AdMob and Facebook. Most developers integrate these systems into their apps so they can monetize the apps with greater ease thanks to the ad dollars. When using these apps, the ads will come through organically and that will allow you to get your content in front of people as they are using their favorite apps.

Since most of the time people are on their smartphones, they are using their apps, that means you stand a better than good chance of making sure your content is in front of people when they are using their apps. That’s why it is wise to use in-app marketing because people are engaged with their phones and will be more likely to click on your content.

Why Use SMS Mobile Marketing

The reason why SMS marketing has such a great ROI is because in order for you to use SMS marketing, the targets have to give you their phone number. This means you have already engaged them successfully to get their phone number, therefore the people who you are targeting are more likely to be interested in whatever you are offering.

The empirical evidence of this is borne out by statistics. The reality is that among SMS messages 98% are clicked on by the recipients, with 45% of those ads converting. Moreover, these ads are read within three minutes of being received, which also means that your content is being engaged with as soon as you send out the SMS messages. As you use SMS messages, you’ll see how great the ROI is on them.

Why You Should Use Push Notifications

The thing that every business wants is for their customers to know exactly what is going on, and push notifications can do exactly that, and the best part is your app does not need to be running for the push notifications to display. You can create push notifications, send them out and your targets will get the notifications and go to work right away. These notifications are really effective as well, and have a great return on increasing customer engagement. In fact, retention rates are ten times more effective using push notifications than if you use other methods of marketing.

Why You Should Use QR Codes

The bar code is one of the most ubiquitous parts of our lives today, and when you use bar codes, it’s amazing how much information can be gathered from a simple scan. QR codes take the bar code to a whole new level. These QR codes are more complex bar codes but just as simple to read. In fact, your phone’s camera does a great job reading QR codes, and the cheap entry barrier that comes with scanning a QR code is unbelievable. People will scan these codes just because they’re there. Once they do, this is where you can offer everything that you have to your targets and your customers. The only drawback is while push notifications, in-app marketing, and SMS messages are intuitive, QR codes rely on human curiosity, and while that is quite powerful, it is not as effective as the other methods.



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