malware hacking smartphonesMillions of users have downloaded applications that have been infected with malware that tricks people into downloading and installing harmful software ad then further singing up for expensive premium services. This malware was found in more than 60 android applications. All of these applications contained a malware that has been dubbed ‘adult swine’ and is designed to ‘wreak havoc’ on smartphones.

This malware was discovered by checkpoint, they said it cases highly inappropriate and pornographic ads to appear on smartphones that attempt to trick user to register for a premium services. The researchers also revealed that AdultSwine can be further used by Hackers for a very wide range of malacious activities. These include credential theft, and social engineering attacks.

A lot of the infected apps are very popular, and a lot of them are aimed at small children. One of these applications, is called Five nights survival craft, that has been downloaded by more or less 1-5 million users. One more app, Mcqueen Car racing game, has been downloaded 500k to 1 million times. All the infected apps combined, have been downloaded somewhat between 3-7million times.

The malware displays popup designed to persuade the user to click through and sign up for paid services.

The researches said  “The ad claims that the user is entitled to win an iPhone by simply answering four short questions. Should the user answer them, the malicious code informs the user that he has been successful, and asks him to enter his phone number to receive the prize. Once entered, the malicious code then uses this number to register for premium services,” . The researches further added  “An experienced eye could easily foresee this tactic, though a child playing a game app is easy prey for such nefarious apps,

Some applications also claim that smartphone has been infected by a virus. When the users clicks, they’re redirected to another application on the Google Play Store which claims to be a security app, but harms the smartphone even further.

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