skypeAccording to an official blog post from Signal, Microsoft has partnered with Open Whisper Systems, the people behind Signal app announced that they’ll be working together in order to bring an end to end encryption to Skype. The new feature is called Skype Private Conversation and has been already rolled out for initial testing to Skype Inside builds. The Private conversations will be capable of encrypting text messages, video messages, audio messages, and audio calls.

Skype will integrate the Signal protocol

The tech giant would be using Signal’s open source protocol in order to encrypt conversations. This is the same encryption being used by Whatsapp, Allo, and facebook messenger.

If this end to end encryption makes its way to the stable version of Skype, then most of the Instant messaging platforms would have encrypted conversations; either optional or default.

No support for Skype video calls just yet

If you wish to test this feature, you can download skype insider version which is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android as well. You’d only be able to use the feature if the person you’re talking to, has the same Skype insider app.

Ellen Kilbourne, the manager of Skype’s Insider program explained “Give it a try by selecting “New Private Conversation” from the compose menu or from the recipient’s profile. After the recipient accepts your invite, all calls and messages in that conversation will be encrypted end-to-end until you choose to end it,”

The insider version still doesn’t support an end to end encryption for Skype group chats or video calls.

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