Xiaomi is hosting a massive event on 14th of February and a little birdy tell us they might be launching a new product to take the Indian markets by storm again. Rumour has it that Xiaomi will launch the Mi TV 4, a smart TV in the Indian markets in the first event by the company in 2018. A lot of hints have been dropped lately by Xiaomi as well as their e-commerce partner Flipkart in the last couple of days.


We don’t know yet what the Size of the TV is or what price will one have to pay to own it but from whatever small amount of information we have we think it is going to have a 32 inch display sadly not Full HD, it is supposed to tout 1366×768 pixels with a refresh rate of 60 Hertz. It is also supposedly a smart TV and will have a Quad-core 1.5 GHz Amlogic Chipset with 1 GB of RAM and 4 GB of Internal storage.

The TV will weigh under 4 kilograms, 3.94 to be precise and this is partly due to the plastic housing of the TV that helps in bringing the weight of the whole TV down. Connectivity is to be handled by two HDMI ports, an AV port, an S/PDIF output port, DTMB (Possibly China only, won’t make its way to India) and a couple of USB ports along with a LAN port for the Internet. Two 5W speakers will be assigned the sound duty which is a common standard in the 32-inch budget TV segment. The TV is also touted to be very slim, 4.9 mm slim to be precise.

As it is supposedly a smart TV, it will most likely be powered by a modified version of Android. The Teasers though have mentions of AI which could play a big part in the functional OS on the TV and our sources hint at this being true. The AI will map the viewing habits and recommend content to viewers based on their viewing habits and preferences.

If history is any indicator we definitely know Xiaomi will price the TVs at affordable budget-friendly prices and this assumption is concreted by the Teaser up on Flipkart which states that the products are going to be easy on the pocket.

One thing we have to wait to see is how Xiaomi will segment their product. Will they go after the premium brands and offer similar specifications at lower prices compared to Tier 1 brands like Samsung, Sony, and LG or will they go after the Budget Tier 2 brands like VU, TCL, Nobel and Sanyo etc? Whatever they will do one thing is sure, we as consumers are definitely going to benefit from this Oligopolistic competition in the market.

The launch is slated for 12 PM IST on 14th February and we will keep you updated as things develop. If you have any queries or suggestion for us in the meantime do drop us a comment.

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