Magic Leap, the company that raised over a billion dollars from companies like Google, Alibaba etc., have finally announced the “Creators Edition” of their first AR headset called “Magic Leap One” and the product will begin shipping in 2018.


Well, for those who are not familiar with Magic Leap, it is a company that has developed an AR-specific computing platform that takes the Augmented Reality experience to the next level and the “Magic Leap One” is the first hardware from the company to be powered by their computing platform.

The Magic Leap One AR kit comprises of three products:

  1. The “Lightwear”, which is a goggles-styled AR headset that uses the “Digital Lightfield technology” to get a precise feel of perception and depth so as to get a real-life experience of the virtual world.
  2. The “Lightpack” is a belted lightweight hip-pack that is the processing engine that powers and drives the AR experience.
  3. The “Control”, well, is a controller to provide sensory feedback within the AR experience. The controller supports haptic feedback and force-based controls to provide a smoother and responsive feel while using it.

The “Creators Edition” tag means that the product is more oriented towards developers rather than consumers and the company has also said a “Creator Portal” that features all the necessary documentation, tools, support, and resources along with the SDK will be released in early 2018.

Developers will be able to make complete use of the Magic Leap platform using the “Creator Portal” and the available features will include spatial browsing, display on demand, better gaming environment, digital interaction in the physical world and more.


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