LG-V10-LG-logo-bootLG’s mobile division has been losing a lot of revenue from last 11 consecutive quarters now. In an attempt to fix this mess, the vice chairman of LG, Cho Sung Jin, said that the will stop releasing new smartphones every year.

In a response to a question raised regarding the LG G7, the vice chairman said ” We will unveil new smartphones when it is needed. But we will not launch it just because other rivals do. We plan to retain existing models longer by, for instance, unveiling more variant models of the G series or V series. ”

Prior to this, a few days ago, one of the spokespeople said the company is letting go of its G series branding so to work on something for G7 in order to boost its sales. There is no information on what is coming up in terms of the name of the smartphone. But regardless of what comes up, it has to be a very big update for LG.

The company had been releasing a new smartphone every single year and it became a sort of the norm for the industry. For some manufacturers like OnePlus, it is a bi-yearly thing. Although I am not sure, what to expect next from the company. It is sure going to be a big shift for the manufacturer because it had been going head to head with Samsung in the early part of the year. LG came up with the G series smartphone, while Samsung launched Galaxy S flagship device. Again, Samsung came up with Galaxy Note phablet. On the other hand, LG released V series in form of a competing product.

Although, from a consumer point of view, it would be interesting to see where this takes the company. It is sure that we are not going to get a new smartphone from either of the G or V series every year, or we might see a bunch of smartphones release in any given year.

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