Amidst rumors that Samsung will begin the mass production of foldable displays by late 2018 and announce a foldable display Smartphone by 2019, we now see a recent patent by Oppo, which reveals a foldable display Smartphone.


The patented Smartphone design by Oppo features a device with a single screen and an outward-type hinge which can be folded inwards to use the device as a single-screen Smartphone and when unfolded will become a part of the display, unlike the ZTE Axon M on which the hinge acts a like a bezel between two individual displays.

Other design aspects that can be deduced from the patent images include a dual-camera setup in the rear and the very thin side bezels which will not be visible at all when the device is folded to use as a regular Smartphone. The bezels on the other two sides do look quite noticeable though.


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