Instagram which was launched in 2010 has becoming giant in the market. If you remember there was a big talk against Mark Zuckerberg calling him dishonest because his app Instagram copied feature of snap chat.

Why snapchat wasn’t able to file a patent as Instagram copied its core feature?

Copying is a bad thing and it is illegal too, but not really a tough thing for the people who are the leaders in the market. The can handle almost any kind of issues, The have lawyers who understand every picky thing from the thing called “patent” and “copyright”.

Making exactly the same products might be a problem, but twisting the concept and making it look it similarly doesn’t break the law. This is what The founder of Facebook and CEO of Instagram did when the founder of snap chat founder denied selling his concept or the dream company snapchat.

src: TechCrunch

New channel and celebrities made fun of Mark Zuckerberg calling him a cheater and copycat. but he mark didn’t step back, instead, he also tried to release the feature in WhatsApp which he owned in 2014.

Here is an interesting video which was made on the matter “Instagram copied snap chat” matter. Casey named it “Instagram murders Snapchat”


Whats Wrong

There is nothing wrong but the strategy played by Facebook really executed and executed in a very smart way.  Now Instagram is taking on snapchat which was the core concept of both the applications.

The Data Revealed

The recent data of usage of Instagram has been increased by huge numbers, inst=fact people have started spending more time than they spend on WhatsApp.

Instagram crashed in India

In april 2017 There was controversy claiming the snap chat CEO Evan Spiegel

told that “India is a poor country and company should focus on teir 2 countries”.

This became viral in news channel and news sites make it popular in all over the world.


This is how Indians Reacted to Snapchat

This video is a compilation of people which was made while controversy in which teens reacted to Evan Spiegel.


The one thing was very clear that there was something wrong with the CEO. There was a lot going o with his twitter account. for a while, his account became protected and the private.

The controversy was strong which resulted in making snapchat a one-star app on app store. This resulted in making snap chat a one-star app on apple store.


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