iPhone Spy App: Defining a spy app and how it works

iPhone Spy App: Defining a spy app and how it works

A spy app is software that can be installed on an iPhone to monitor, capture and control it. The term “spy” is used because the user will be able to take advantage of specific features that were created for this purpose. This article will discuss what a spy app is, how it works, what you can do with one and whether or not spying on someone else’s phone is legal. We’ll also talk about some of the best apps out there that are available for download in case you’re interested!

What is iPhone spy software ?

iPhone spy software is computer software that can be installed on an iPhone (or any other iOS device, like an iPad or iPod touch) to monitor and record it. They are used by parents who want to keep track of what their kids do with the phone, employers who need to make sure employees don’t take company time for personal things.

Also, the application is actively used by spouses who suspect their partners of cheating. If you notice that your husband or wife spends a lot of time on the phone and you’re not sure what he or she does on it, spy software for the iPhone can help reveal all these secrets.

Also if your elderly parents spend a lot of time on Facebook or Twitter and you’re not sure that it’s safe, iPhone spy apps can help.

One more example is when your children use their phone without asking for permission – with one click the parents will be able to block any application they don’t want them using.

iPhone Spy App: Defining a spy app and how it works

How does an iPhone spy app work ?

This type of software is installed directly onto the target device so you have full access over its contents in real-time. Once it’s activated via computer web browser, you’ll be able to see all activities done using your child/employee’s phone including messages sent from applications such as Snapchat or WhatsApp among many others. You will also have access to GPS location data in case your baby is late for school or your employee is not at work.

Key features of spy apps

Features of iPhone spy app are:

  • Control outgoing and incoming calls on target phone
  • Track browser history and bookmarks of the target device
  • Get access to contacts, SMS messages, email accounts etc.
  • Geo Location tracking
  • Control the target phone remotely- Monitor Internet use on WiFi network.
iPhone Spy App: Defining a spy app and how it works

It’s important to highlight that spying software for phones has nothing illegal about it, as long as you have authorization from the owner of the phone – which will be yourself if you are related to the device owner by blood/marriage ties.

What is the best spy app for the iPhone?

The mSpy is one of the most used and appreciated by its customers. It offers a wide range of features, excellent customer service and it’s very easy to use. Furthermore, this application can be downloaded directly from their official website at an affordable price.

Main characteristics of mSpy:

  • The user-friendly platform allows you to control everything remotely without having access to your target device physically. You will get all information in real time through online account on dashboard or compatible devices like PC or Mac computer;
  • Tracking GPS location with Geo Fencing feature that sends alerts when person leaves specific area;
  • Monitor text messages, call logs, email accounts and see photos or videos in gallery remotely;
  • Track Skype messages ;
iPhone Spy App: Defining a spy app and how it works

As you can see mSpy has all the features to track everything you might need.

Using mSpy on iPhone is legal if it’s for personal use or professional one. If you do it only with good intentions nobody can blame you, but if your intention is different and this person does not know about spying there are serious consequences in most countries for that. 

Also remember that even though mSpy has great features, nothing will work without jailbreaking the target phone first so read the instructions carefully before purchasing any software. Do your research because some apps may be cheaper than others but their technical support team cannot help since they haven’t developed them; therefore make sure what exactly you want from a spy app before choosing one . 

The best way to find out which application will suit you the best is to read reviews. If you’re not sure which one may work well for you, try two or three and compare them in terms of features and prices; if necessary contact their support team with your questions.

iPhone Spy App: Defining a spy app and how it works

Also remember that it is illegal in some countries so make sure you do research before purchasing any software! 

mSpy has a good technical support team who responds quickly via email/chat online but they only provide help regarding mSpy apps installation process. However there are many forums where people can share experiences about different iPhone spy apps such as mSpy . It’s important to proceed carefully because most applications require jailbreaking target phones first -if done wrong could lead to loss of warranty- therefore read instructions twice.

It should also be noted that the majority of the top spy apps offer a free trial period. This means you can download and use their software for free before committing to buy it.


An iPhone spy app, also known as parental control software, runs invisibly on your child’s device so they won’t know about its presence or that they are being monitored in any way by parents or guardians . 

If you are a boss or spouse, you can also monitor another person’s iPhone without them realising. This information is useful to know when making decisions about the people around us, which makes this type of spying very popular in all kinds of situations.

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