Xposed Module is a name many Android enthusiasts are aware of. For those who still don’t
have a clue what this name means, don’t worry we are here to enlighten you.

install xposed on nougat

While an Android OS offers some of the best features or so it may seem, it doesn’t tap into the full potential of what an Android device can accomplish. Xposed Module is one such framework which permits you to tweak and customize your smartphone as per as your needs.

After almost a year, Xposed Module has been finally ported to Android 7/7.1. All thanks to the efforts by the team behind Purify OS. Their hard work has worked wonders and given many Android fans a new way to tweak and test various custom features on their

From professionals to amateurs everybody can reap the benefits of Xposed
Module by following a few guidelines as stated below:

Prerequisites to Install Xposed on Android nougat 7/7.1

Below are the two mandatory prerequisites that you should always ensure first before going for an Installation of Xposed Framework.

#1 A Rooted Android Smartphone:

In order to install Xposed Module, you must have a rooted Android smartphone. If you are
a pro you possibly are aware of what rooting your device means. However, for beginners,
we would suggest getting yourself accustomed to a rooting guide prior to proceeding

#2 A Custom Recovery (TWRP/CWM):

Another pre-requisite to install Xposed Module on your smartphone is to have a custom
recovery installed. Again if you are not already familiar with what a custom recovery is, please refer to a detailed procedure of rooting your smartphone with the installation of a
custom recovery. We would also suggest upgrading the current version of your custom
recovery to the recent one. While the below-mentioned procedure works great for any
version of custom recovery, we still prefer that you have a more recent version of custom
recovery installed on your device.

When you have met both of the aforementioned pre-requisites the following procedure is
quite simple.

Steps to Install Xposed on Android nougat 7/7.1

If you have already done with the above section of prerequisites so now it’s time to follow the given step by step guide to successfully install exposed on Android nougat 7/7.1

For better user convenience here we have divided the steps into three categories.

Step 1: Find out your CPU architecture

  • In order to install Xposed Framework, you must be aware of the hardware architecture of your device. Even though it seems like a complex task we have you covered. From the Google Play Store download Droid Info on your phone.
  • Open the app and move to the System tab. Here you will find CPU Architecture on your device. It usually is an ARM, ARM64 or x86. Please make a mental note of the same as you may need this info while downloading Xposed Framework.

Step 2: Install Xposed Framework

  • To install Xposed Module on your device you need to download a total of 2 files.
  • The first file is a .zip file based upon the CPU architecture of your device.
  • Another file is an APK file of Xposed Module.
  • Depending upon the CPU architecture of your phone you must download the Xposed Framework .zip file. For Android 7 and 7.1 you can find the .zip files in the links below:

  Download for Android 7.0

   Download for Android 7.1

  • If your CPU architecture is x86 and OS is Android 7.0 you have you download x86/ file and so on for any other architecture.
  • Once you have downloaded the .zip file proceed to download .apk file from the link given.


Step3: Flash .zip file using custom recovery

  • Once you have downloaded both the file navigate to Settings -> Security -> Unknown Resources.
  • Turn it off and restart your device into recovery mode.
  • Once your phone boots in recovery mode navigate to the .zip you downloaded and select it. Afterwards, swipe right across the blue bar in the bottom to install Xposed Framework.
  • You can now see the installation status. As soon as the installation completes reboot your device and install the Xposed Installer .apk file. This app lets you manage various Xposed Modules to customize your smartphone.

If you carefully follow the steps you must not encounter any problems. While this version
of Xposed Framework is an official port and intended for Android 7/7.1 devices, users of
Samsung, LG and Sony devices have reported issues with regards to the installation of
Xposed Framework.

So for safety sake please download the Xposed Uninstaller .apk file to
remove the Xposed installation if it doesn’t work on your smartphone. If you are running Xposed successfully without any issues, Cheers!

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