What if I told you that you could enchance your audio experience on your Android device to the level you could not imagine? We are sure you wouldn’t believe us easily. Today we have something known as VIPER4Android which will bring our this dream into reality. What is this exactly? What does it do? Let’s take a look at solution of these questions.


VIPER4Android is a sound mod available for your device.  Using this application, you can enchance your inbuilt Android audio experience to the next level . This app has been there in the news since few months due to change it got in it’s visual display.

Android Oreo has also recently launched in August and it’s also making news due to some of the new features it has got. Still, there are many devices where the Android 8.0 Oreo version hasn’t been released by the manufacturers and thus the users have to depend upon Custom ROMs. In today’s article,  we will help you to install ViPER4Android on Android 8.0 Oreo.

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There’s no official release or announcement made regarding the application from V4A developer’s end . Thus, you may be a little worried,  but don’t worry as the old installation method has been tried and tested many times on different devices running Android 8.0 Oreo. In the method,  we will be taking use of the V4 version of Android Noughat on Oreo device and instead of installing it as system app, we will be installing it as user app.  So, lets begin:


1) Make sure your device is running Android Oreo and is rooted.

2) Don’t forget to take Nandroid backup incase if anything goes wrong. Though, there are very less chances, if you follow the steps very carefully.

How to install Viper4Android on Oreo

We will be dividing the steps area into 2 parts. First is the initial set up you need to take care of before installation of the application. Next, would be the guide to installing and running the application properly .

Part 1 – Initial Setup

1) Download and install the BusyBox for your Oreo device. We recommend you to download Stephen BusyBox.

   Download Busy box

2) Time to launch the application!

3) The first time you open the app, it will ask you to grant root permissions, do the same. After that get into “Install Busybox” and make sure you don’t fiddle with any of the options.

4) After that, click on “Install”  located at left bottom side in the application . Just wait for BusyBox to install. You will be greeted with a confirmation message immediately after the installation.

Part 2: Root Explorer Setup

  1.  Next, we have to download a root-based/enabled file explorer.  There are many out there on Play Store, but we recommend you to install Solid Explorer. It’s very light and simple to use. Visit here to download the application.
  2. After downloading and installation, just launch the application.
  3. Swipe out from left area of the application and then look for “Root” under Storage menu.  After you find it, click on it.
  4. As you opening for first time, it will ask here too for root permissions, grant them and proceed to the next step.
  5. Next, in the explorer,  head to /Vendor/etc. There, you will find a file named “audio_effects.conf”.
  6. Hold on the file and then press on 3 dots on the top  right corner. After that choose the option “Rename” from the list.
  7. Give it a new name, “audio_effects.conf.bak“ . Alright,  we could have straightaway deleted the file, but we chose to rename,  incase you would like to restore it in the future.

Boom!  Just press on “OK” and exit the app.

The last thing we need to is set SELinux status to Permissive. Sounds complicated, but it’s not at all. Just download the “SELinux Switch” app by visiting here . After installation launch it, grant root permissions,  and click on the “Permissive” button.

After all this you have performed, it’s important to reboot your device for the effects to take place.

Part 3 : Install Viper4Android on Android Oreo 8.0

  1. Download VIPER4Android app by visiting here.
  2. After downloading,  extract the .zip file.  You will find 2 files extracted :
    • ViPER4Android_FX_v2505_A4.x-A7.x.apk
    • ViPER4Android_FX_v2505_A7.x_Nougat_IO_test_fix.apk
  3. We will be dealing with the second file:
    • ViPER4Android_FX_v2505_A4.x-A7.x.apk
    • ViPER4Android_FX_v2505_A7.x_Nougat_IO_test_fix.apk
  4. Make connection to your computer and transfer the second file.
  5. Next, head to the installation directory in Solid Explorer or any other file explorer and install the *apk file of VIPER4Android.
  6. After proper installation,  head to the app drawer  to launch the application.
  7. Once you open it, the app will ask you for driver installation , tap on “YES” and also grant root permissions.
  8. After that the process of driver installation will begin,  it may freeze your phone for some seconds,  but there’s nothing to worry about. Just don’t exit the app or perform any function.
  9. Within a minute, the process will end.  After that, just press on “OK” and reboot your device.
  10. That’s it! Now after rebooting has been done, again open the app, and swipe out from left and select “Driver Status”  from the menu.  If it reads the status value as “Normal”  then you can start your customization.


That’s it for today from our side! You have been a great reader. From above, start fiddling with the settings to get a better and enhanced audio experience. Also, don’t forget to share the article with your friends and comment down your views about it.

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