The Razer Phone, A phone intended to be used by gamers and Media consumption enthusiasts has now received a surprising new development. After Google’s Project Treble Garnering a lot of attention from the enthusiasts, the Razer phone has received the ability to flash Generic System Images and today we take a look at a method which will answer your question, How to install LineageOS 15.1 on the Razer Phone. You can also install Resurrection Remix with this same method. So let’s get started.

lineage os razer

Before we begin I would like to warn you of the consequences of your decision to tinker with your device, you will lose any warranty on your device, you may in the process brick, kill or damage your device irreparably and you may just end up with a very expensive paperweight. With that out of the way let’s cover some perquisites you will require before you take on the task.  


  • A Rooted Razer Phone with an Unlocked bootloader and TWRP Installed (Check out our handy guide here)
  • The Phone running Android 8 Oreo. DO NOT TRY ON NOUGAT IT WILL BRICK THE DEVICE
  • ADB and Fastboot environment installed on your system
  • The LineageOS File
       Download LineageOS 15.1
  • You can also try Resurrection Remix (Download)

Steps to install LineageOS 15.1 on the Razer Phone

  1. Put the phone in bootloader mode and connect the device  to the PC with ADB and Fastboot Installed
  2. Download LineageOS 15.1 or Any other Rom of your Choice
  3. Copy the Downloaded file to wherever you have your ADB environment setup generally it is in “C:\adb
  4. If the file you downloaded  is in “.RAR” format then unzip it and extract the “.Img” File
  5. Once Extracted, Hold the Shift Key and Right click from the right mouse button, a menu shall open, from the menu select “Open Powershell Window Here
  6. Once the Terminal opens up type “fastboot devices” to check whether the device is being recognised or now
  7. If you see a Device ID with fastboot message then move ahead if now reflect on the poor life choices and trace back your steps
  8. Now in terminal give this command “fastboot flash system_a system-arm64-ab.img
  9. Then Change the Slot by using “fastboot set_active=_b
  10. Install the image by using this command “fastboot flash system_b system-arm64-ab.img
  11. Once the process completes giving this command in the terminal change the Slot again “fastboot set_active=_a
  12. After the whole process is done reboot the phone by using “fastboot reboot” command.
  13. The phone shall now boot into the new ROM you installed if it does congratulations! You successfully flashed your device. If it doesn’t, you messed up try to see where you went wrong and retry.

install LineageOS 15.1 on the Razer Phone

Currently, this is the easiest method to install LineageOS 15.1 on the Razer Phone, we hope you found this tutorial helpful. many new ROMS will eventually be developed for the Razer phone thanks to the Project Treble support, we will be looking forward to new developments and will keep you posted. If you face any trouble or have any queries do let us know below in the comments and we will try to help you out the best we can.

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