EMUI or Emotions UI as it was formerly known is the custom UI layer which Huawei or Honor (A sub-segment of Huawei) applies to their devices and tries to sell it as a USP (We all know that isn’t happening) but EMUI has come a long way from its crappy iOS lookalike days to today being a half decent UI skin with a few good themes. Speaking of themes, let’s take a look at how you can manually download and install EMUI themes on your device running EMUI 8 or EMUI 5.1. So let’s get started.

emui themes

The EMUI themes have an extension of “.hwt” and if you have downloaded a theme which doesn’t have this extension then I can certainly say it’s a virus of some sorts so please remove it and only download themes with the extension “.hwt”. Once you download the correct theme you need to move them to the appropriate folder for them to be read by the inbuilt theme app, if you place it in the wrong folder it won’t be recognised. You can download the themes from the button below.

   Download Themes

How To Install EMUI Themes On EMUI 8

  1. Firstly download a theme you want to install, it should have the .hwt extension.
  2. Once you have downloaded the file move it to the folder titled “THEMES” which would be under your Local Internal Storage.
  3. Once you have copied the theme to the appropriate folder go to the home screen and navigate to the inbuilt Themes on your device.
  4. Once in the Themes app navigate to the ‘Me’ section and the theme you downloaded and moved earlier will be visible to you there.
  5. Tap the theme and you’ll be shown a small preview, hit apply and it will start applying the theme.
  6. You will need to restart the device for the theme to take full effect so go ahead and restart the device after you apply the theme.
  7. That’s it you have successfully applied the theme you downloaded to your device running EMUI 8.

Install EMUI Themes

How To Install EMUI Themes On EMUI 5.1

The process to install the theme on EMUI 5.1 is very identical to that of EMUI 8 with a few minor tweaks.

  1. Download the Theme you want to apply
  2. Once downloaded, navigate to the folder titled “HW THEMES” in the internal local storage on the device
  3. Move the downloaded theme to the folder mentioned above and then go back to the home screen to navigate to the Themes app on your device.
  4. Follow the guide for installation of Theme on EMUI 8 from Step 4
  5. Once the process is completed just restart your phone and you would have successfully applied the theme on your device.

Install EMUI Themes

So this was our guide on how you can Install EMUI Themes on your Huawei or Honor devices if you face any troubles or are stuck at some point do let us know below in the comments and will try to help you out the best we can. If you have any suggestion for the best theme for EMUI leave those below in the comments as well.

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