Do you need a operating system device where you could have control over the design? Where you could change the icons, logos, of inbuilt menus and applications easily? If you want to do this, then you are at right place as we will be taking a look at a new way using which you will be able to theme your UI in Android Oero without using Android’s Overlay Manager Service (OMS) . Interesting stuff? Keep reading to know more.

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We all love freedom and the freedom to fiddle with our phone is the best! You get to try and experiment new things. Android Oreo has just recently been launched and people are loving it for various reasons!   Though there are still devices left to get the latest updated operating system , the work is going on to implement on other devices other than Nexus and Pixel phones. As soon as your device gets Oreo , you can try this out. To do the trick, you would need Substratum on your device .

Substratum is a third party application which will change the themes but it will require root connection. So, you may ask me how will we then install the custom themes for non root devices ? Thankfully,  the makers behind the app have released another app called Andromeda. You will have to install this app on your device and also the desktop client on your computer. Andromeda will bypass the root permissions and enable you to install and enjoy the custom themes.

Minimum Requirements-

1) This method only supports Android devices running latest Android 8.0 Oreo OS

2) Windows, Mac, or Linux Computer

3 ) You will have to download app to manage the themes. To download the app, just visit the link

4) After this you will have to download a paid application known as Andromeda. Don’t forget to get the desktop client for your specific operating system, by visiting here. 

5) Before we begin the process, its important that your Developer Options and USB Debugging are enabled. To do it follow the below steps –

a) Get to the “Settings” on your device

b) Keep scrolling until you find the option “System“.  Enter the option by clicking on it.

c) Again scroll down to the option” Build Number“. Click on the option continously for 7 times and you will be greeted with a message,”You are now a developer!”

d) Now, get back again to “Settings” . You will find a new option added, “Developer Options”. Enter it!

e) If it asks you for password or pin, enter the one you use to unlock your device. Now, just find and enable the option” USB Debugging”. 

f) That’s it!  It’s time to head on to the main process of the article.

How to load up substratum themes on your Android 8.0 Oreo Device

1) Open Andromeda app on the device . You will be greeted with a message that reads, “Connection Status: Disconected” .

2) You will now have to open the desktop client version . It may run some commands while opening.

3) If everything goes well, Substratum app will automatically open up on your device.
4) If you want to do a rechecking then you can open the Andromeda app again. This time it will be reading,”“Connection Status: Connected”

5) You can now just install the themes and exit the usb .

6) If next time, you would like to make any changes to the theme, then you would have to connect again to your desktop. But, don’t worry, for your theme you wouldn’t have to connect again and again after reboot.

How to install themes in Substratum

After you have set up everything,  it’s time to learn how to set up your themes. This is also one of the important part of the article so we recommend you to read it very carefully, so you can avoid any mistakes later on.

1) You will have to download themes from the Play Store that says for Substratum as those are the themes that will actually run on your Oreo device . Click on the link to download them.

2) Your downloaded themes will be displayed in the Substratum application.

3) Go ahead and choose the theme you want to implement!

4) At this stage, you will be greeted with different areas of the device which you can theme, that includes the Android system,  Navigation area, System UI, etc.

5) Once you have set your liking, tick the box next to the items you want to implement theme on, and proceed by clicking on float action button.

6) Now, choose “Build & Enable”  option

7) After that choose to compile into the device and it will now start implementing the changes!

8) Wait for a while and you will be presented with a new themed version which you had set according to your preference!


If you would like to try some new theme or change back to your old stock version, then you can do it easily by uninstalling the themes from inside the Substratum application.  Follow our below steps –

1) If you want to disable any theme manually, you can do it by going to the settings of the specific theme. If this doesn’t work out, then keep reading

2) If you want to disable all the enabled themes on the device, then open the Substratum app and swipe right from left side to view menu options.

3) Choose Recovery>>Restore Theme

4) Boom! You have successfully disabled your themes!

Conclusion –

That’s it! We hope that you are now happy to know that Substratum themes can now be installed on non root devices too easily using Andromeda. If you liked reading the post, then don’t forget to share it with your friends. Also, if you encounter any problem in the process of all this, then let us know in the comments section below. We will try our best to solve it!

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