BlackBerry launched their Android based smart phone in the year 2015 with the name Priv. The phone did okayish in the market, but what Blackberry remained famous for still makes them buy Blackberry phones. And that one thing which makes blackberry different from other phones is its own applications.

Applications like Blackberry Protection, Blackberry Hub, Blackberry Password Keeper are few of the helpful application ever running on any smartphone. Therefore here’s how you can download a few of the Blackberry Priv’s Application on any Android Devices.

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Here are some of the notable and handy applications by Blackberry that you will be able to download in this tutorial :

  •  Blackberry Calendar
  •  Blackberry Contacts
  •  Blackberry Hub
  •  BlackBerry Hub+ Services
  •  Blackberry Keyboard
  •  Blackberry Launcher
  •  Blackberry Notes
  •  BlackBerry Notable
  •  Blackberry Password keeper
  •  BlackBerry Privacy Shade
  •  Blackberry Universal search
  •  Blackberry Tasks

Pre Requisite :

  • Before beginning this tutorial, I request you to uninstall all the Blackberry applications you have installed before this tutorial.
  • Secondly, Download Blackberry Manager

Steps To Install Blackberry Apps

  1. Launch Blackberry Manager Application 
  2. Grant All Permission Required By The Applications
  3. Install Any Blackberry Application You Like

The Outro!

Pretty neat and quite simple right? Feel free to share your experience of using Blackberry Priv Apps on your Android Devices in the comments sections; not just, if you are stuck somewhere while performing the tutorial, come ask us! We Got You! Stay Tuned! Happy Surfing!


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