In the modern world, where business runs more on virtual platforms, internet marketing has become more of a necessity than a luxury. It is no surprise that the social media behemoth, Instagram, plays a vital role in increasing business and generating traffic. Instagram, which is primarily based on images and videos rather than text,  is imperative to use tools such as Instagram video downloader to create the right content.

Let us go through a few  Instagram marketing tools, such as the Instagram video downloader and the Youtube video editor, which help in creating high-quality content for marketing your business.


When it comes to editing images and giving them double exposure, VSCO is the way to go. You may find that most of your Instagram friends who are photographers use this app quite frequently. Although it is easy to use, it is very helpful in getting the most out of a picture and putting out the best version of the image.


This is one of the best tools for creating Instagram videos and can also be used parallelly with an Instagram video downloader. Notice that this is not as good as any Youtube video editor apps but will help you create engaging videos on your iOS device and Android Device.

It is one of the best apps to create brief videos that are simple yet effective. Just select an image or video from your camera roll (a minimum of five) along with a  theme of your choice, and let the app take over. You can also choose the duration of the video, or make any necessary customizations, such as the length of a particular image or video that is a part of the whole end product.


JumpRope is one of the best software found on the iOS platform, which helps create engaging how-to videos. This is quite an interesting software, as it is a series of ‘steps’ that can be stitched together in the form of videos, Boomerangs, and images to make a single how-to video. You can later edit these videos using filters, or trim any unwanted bits. You can also import media files such as images and videos from your camera roll or shoot completely new ones. This is almost as good as a Youtube video editor and is perfect for creating quality videos.


Boomerang is a great tool to create back-and-forth loop videos that are simple yet effective. You do not have to learn any software, nor be as creative as you are on a Youtube video editor. You can simply shoot a video on the app and apply any cool filter to give it a stunning effect. This is not only easy to install and use, but also helps create gif like videos that are fun to watch and store, which eventually helps grow business on Instagram.

Agorapulse For Scheduling Instagram Posts And Managing Business Accounts

It is quite essential to have regular content posted consistently to get your business going. It is of no surprise that Instagram has not allowed third-party apps to take control of posting on a scheduled time on business accounts until recently. With this restriction removed, it has become easier for business accounts to post consistently without much hassle.

One such app is Agorapulse. This app helps you post content on your account regularly, by just scheduling a bunch of posts at a particular time. While this is primarily built for Instagram, you can use it for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Youtube. Some of what it can do are:

  • Schedule and publish posts on Instagram from the app
  • Schedule and publish stories on Instagram from the app
  • Make a video queue. While this is not the same as Instagram Video Downloader, you can easily upload videos on time
  • Make a unique set of hashtags that can be repeatedly posted on your account

While this is quite helpful in running an account, it is also easy to use, which makes it all the more reason to download it for your Instagram marketing needs.


Later is quite self-explanatory. You can download and use this app to plan and strategize your Instagram look and feed. You can also use it to schedule and post different images or videos for consistent activity. Unlike Agorapulse, which is for various social media Later is only for Instagram.

Later can also be used to store and safe-keep all your media files such as images and videos. You can use the visual calendar to schedule each of these images or videos and post a time for their publishing on the social media app. While this app allows you to post pictures, videos, stories, and all other media, the only prerequisite is that you need an Instagram business account to continue.

You can also view user analytics on the app, something that tells you how your post is doing with your audience. You can also use the linker bio feature to cross-post it on your blog, website and anywhere else on the internet. All in all Later is a handy tool.


This is an app that will help you, mainly with your Instagram followers. The app takes into account all your followers and enables you to control them. It also helps you compare your account in terms of the influence you have and the outreach you have achieved. It is one of those must-have apps if you are focusing on increasing your Instagram followers.


While it is okay to say that there needs to be a team of super graphic designers, and Youtube video editors to create stunning media for marketing, basic tools such as Instagram video downloader are handy, and sufficient to help your business grow. Not only can you change the landscape of your digital marketing but also help your business grow organically.

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